Godzilla 2 Theory: Charles Dance Is The Real Villain

Charles Dance and Godzilla in King of the Monsters

Is the mysterious character portrayed by Charles Dance the true villain of Godzilla: King of the Monsters? Unlike in 2014's Godzilla, where the humans mostly watched helplessly while the giant atomic fire-breathing lizard stomped over San Francisco to battle two invading monsters, this time the people are much more integral to the plot. Intriguingly, every human character in Godzilla 2 has already been identified except the one played by Charles Dance. This is naturally suspicious and raises a red flag.

The trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters lays down the basics of the story: in a post-Godzilla world, humanity faces "a mass extinction", but not from the existence of the giant monsters. Rather, it's mankind that has harmed the planet and hastened their own demise. According to the voiceover narration by Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), the only way to stop "the infection" of mankind and save the world is to find all of the planet's "original and rightful rulers, the Titans" (which is the new name Godzilla 2 has given the giant monsters). However, Dr. Russell's monologue is suspect; per the light released story details, she has been abducted by a mysterious organization and seems to be giving her speech under duress.

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So, not unlike how Samuel L. Jackson's insane Col. Preston Packard was the human villain in Kong: Skull Island, King of the Monsters also boasts people who are the enemy of the heroic characters like Emma's ex-husband Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) and their daughter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown). The Russell family are working with Monarch, the international agency dedicated to tracking the Titans headed by Dr. Isiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins). But where does Charles Dance's unnamed character fit into all of this? Let's investigate King of the Monster's mystery man and where his loyalties may truly lie:

What We Know About The Human Villains of Godzilla 2

Ghidorah in Godzilla King of the Monsters

In Godzilla 2, Ghidorah may turn out to be the true King of the Monsters as well as the kaiju Big Bad, but with the human characters taking a more active role in this film, Monarch faces threats from all corners. From what we know so far, Emma Russell (and possibly Madison as well) gets kidnapped by another unnamed group which has their own plans for the Titans. As a paleobiologist, Dr. Russell's value lies in how she has developed a way to communicate with the monsters using bioacoustics. She can not only speak to the Titans on a sonar level, she might even be able to control them. It goes without saying what an immense breakthrough a human being able to talk to and possibly even control Godzilla and the other Titans would be.

The agenda of the mystery group also seems to be locating all of the other Titans, which is somehow the key to saving the world. Whether this is because their powers can repair the environmental catastrophe facing the planet or simply because more monsters are needed to beat Ghidorah (and possibly each other) isn't clear. This sort of involvement, though, positions them as actively nefarious; whatever destruction the monsters cause, they could just be the machinations of some human radicals.

Of course, with so little information comes a lot of questions. Is the cadre that kidnapped Emma a separate entity or they could be a splinter group of Monarch itself? After all, Monarch isn't necessarily an entirely benevolent organization; they are a secretive agency that seems to operate with little oversight. In Godzilla, they locked down a Japanese village next to the Janjira nuclear plant and lied to the plant's lead engineer Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston). As for Charles Dance's character, the big question is who does he work for?

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What Little Is Known About Charles Dance's Role In Godzilla 2

Charles Dance Millie Bobby Brown and Vera Farmiga in Godzilla king of the Monsters

Charles Dance's mystery man appears twice in the Godzilla 2 trailer. First, he is in the background as armed soldiers, Madison, and Emma enter the Antarctic location where Ghidorah is frozen in a massive wall of ice. Dance later gets a closeup and utters the trailer's tagline when he quips to Emma, "Long live the King!" This second moment happens in a different location; judging from the look of horror on Emma's face, this likely happens after Ghidorah, who is so powerful he can tear open the stratosphere, has already awakened.

Importantly, in both situations Dance himself is nonplussed; he fully expects whatever the outcome will be. So, who is this character and what does he want? And why is he able to joke about something so horrifying as Ghidorah potentially being awakened?

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