Godless Trailer #2: Women Run the Old West in Netflix Series

Women are in charge of a Wild West town in the second trailer for the Netflix Western limited series Godless, from producer Steven Soderbergh.

Netflix introduces viewers to La Belle, a Wild West town populated entirely by women, in the second trailer for the Western limited series GodlessLogan and Minority Report screenwriter Scott Frank wrote Godless and directed all six episodes, set in the 1880s American West.

The series stars Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin, a gun-toting outlaw bent on revenge against his former partner Roy Goode (Jack O'Connell). Griffin and Goode both wind up in the town of La Belle, a literal No Man's Land after a mining accident that claimed the lives of all the male residents, leaving their widows to fend for themselves. Michelle Dockery plays Alice Fletcher, one of the tougher denizens of La Belle, who becomes involved with Roy while harboring him at her ranch.

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The second trailer for Godless from Netflix sets up the town of La Belle and its hard-luck circumstances. One day all the town's men went down into the mine and not a single one of them came back, leaving La Belle looking like a place forsaken by God. Roy Goode, as he's being marched into town by a lawman, marvels at the idea of a single disaster wiping out all the men in one fell swoop. Far from being helpless, the women of La Belle have taken over running the place, and by the looks of it all concept of standard gender roles has been flung out the window in this particular dusty corner of the frontier.

Enter Frank Griffin, the menacing bad guy played (way, way against type) by Jeff Daniels. All Frank cares about is getting his hands on Roy Goode, and he'll happily wipe out everyone who stands between him and his goal (apparently he's already taken out an entire town that was silly enough to provide a safe haven for his former partner, now his enemy). Nico Vega's version of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" thundering on the soundtrack, the trailer promises an epic showdown between Roy and Frank, with Alice and the town of rifle-toting, hardened widows caught in the middle.

The agenda with this second trailer mainly is to establish the series' unusual setting while briefly sketching the antagonistic relationship at the heart of the story. The first Godless trailer seemed to promise something a little more steeped in Westerns of the Old School variety (not a surprise given the reverence for the form evinced by writer/director Scott Frank in his Logan script, with its echoes of Shane) but this second trailer, largely thanks to the music, feels more Tarantino than George Stevens.

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Godless is executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, Scott Frank and Casey Silver, and produced by Jessica Levin and Michael J. Malone. The series is set to debut on Netflix on Wednesday, November 22.

Source: Netflix

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