Watch God of War Director's Emotional Reaction To Reviews

Everyone is talking about God of War right now, so it is understandable that game director Cory Barlog is feeling emotional about the title's rave reviews.

Before general release on April 20, the media had already praised God of War as the best game in the series, however, now that everyone can get their hands on Kratos' latest adventure, the game is going from strength to strength. Already tipped as one of 2018's biggest games, it's clear that even the developers didn't expect the eighth God of War to be as successful as it has been.

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Posted on his YouTube channel, Barlog shared a video as he read through the glowing reviews of God of War. Heading to the two-minute mark, fans can see him get visibly choked up as he thanks the team at Sony's Santa Monica Studio who helped bring the long-awaited sequel to life. Watch the video above.

God of War Atreus and Kratos

As a labor of love, Santa Monica Studios had a big gamble by swapping the established storyline of Greek mythology and tackling a whole different period of history. Added to this was a big shake-up of the game's mechanics, meaning God of War was always going to be a sink or swim affair. Barlog was clearly nervous about how God of War would fare, but his worries seem to have been unfounded.

Serving as a soft reboot and successor to 2010's God of War III, 2018's game brings an icy breath of fresh Scandinavian air to the franchise and leaves the world of Ancient Greece behind. Since 2005, players have been used to Kratos swinging his Blades of Chaos at the Greek gods and their monsters, but as God of War headed somewhere new, the Ghost of Sparta is now forced to do battle with Norse mythology.

It was a bold move, but one that seems to have paid off. Filmed in one continuous shot, God of War has pushed the envelope further and set the ball rolling for an ongoing series set in the snowy backdrop of Midgard. Introducing Kratos' son Atreus, Barlog and co. have reinvented God of War while keeping the bearded brute front-and-center. Importantly though, Barlog's emotional outpouring shows just how much he and the team really cared about God of War.

Given that early drafts were described as a "child-abuse simulator," it has been a long road to get the game to where it is today. Thankfully, it has all worked out for the best and led to God of War being the highest-rated PS4 exclusive of all time. Now, as developers look to God of War 5 and another trip to the land of Thor and Odin, Barlog can look back with a sense of pride for everything the latest installment has achieved.

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