God of War Sold More Copies in 3 Days Than Horizon Did in 2 Weeks

Sony's God of War shows no sign of stopping as it breaks the record for fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive of all time, even going as far as to topple other PS4 exclusives in less than three days.

The eighth game in the franchise is all anyone is talking about right now, reinventing the trials and tribulations of Kratos with Norse mythology. While the previous games focused on the Ghost of Sparta taking on Greek deities, Sony Santa Monica decided to chart new territory and have seen great success so far.

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According to the PlayStation Blog, God of War sold a whopping 3.1 million copies in just three days, globally. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, that number tops previous highs that took weeks for other titles. For instance, Uncharted 4 sold 2.7 million copies in one week, Horizon Zero Dawn sold 2.6 million in two weeks, and The Last of Us sold 3.4 million on the PS3 in three weeks. Reacting to the news, Santa Monica head Shannon Studstill shared his thanks with fans:

“I would like to personally thank the millions of fans around the world who decided to embark on Kratos’ latest adventure with us. Your support is truly inspiring, and it’s a reason why we push ourselves every day to go beyond the boundaries of play. I’d also like to thank our Creative Director, Cory Barlog, and Director of Product Development, Yumi Yang and our entire amazing team at Santa Monica Studio. The belief in the game’s vision and the passion for storytelling across the team is undeniable. We look forward to hearing more about how fans are creating new memories of their favorite God of War gameplay moments that will be remembered for a long time.”

God of War has far exceeded industry expectations and the developers apparently weren't expecting the game to do quite as well as it has either. As the days go on, more and more emerges about why God of War is outshining the competition. Considering that there are around 79 million PS4s out there, and God of War sold 3 million copies already, it means that it still has a long way to go as summer nears as well as the following holiday season. That being said, the number of copies sold pales in comparison to the astronomical sales of Grand Theft Auto V, which sold an astonishing 11.2 million copies on its first day. Then again, that was a multi-platform title.

Taking all the numbers into account and seeing just how well-received the game has been thus far, it's certainly possible that this year's God of War is an early contender for Game of the Year. Although the game showcases a much older and beaten Kratos, the latest chapter proves that the franchise is far from dead. The long-awaited sequel is merely the beginning of a new narrative, and God of War 5 shouldn't take as long to release. Creative Director Cory Balrog already has plans for potentially five more games, so God of War isn't going away anytime soon.

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