God of War's Kratos is Now Playable in Grand Theft Auto 5 Thanks to Mod

Kratos God of War in Grand Theft Auto V

Two more popular video game franchises crossover as one clever fan combines God of War and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Since 2005, God of War's Kratos has become one of the most formidable characters in the video game world. However, while the exiled Spartan may be more used to swinging a blade at the malevolent gods of Greek mythology, he can now be seen taking to the mean streets of Los Santos and spilling blood there instead.

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With 2018's God of War currently all over the internet with a slew of positive reviews, it seems that developer Lê Tuấn Khải cashed in on the hype early. Although a video of the mod has been out for a couple of weeks, those who haven't already seen it can now watch Kratos in his modern setting. As the video shows, it is an explosive mod that allows players to use Kratos and his godlike strength to wreak havoc on the popular Rockstar Games title.

Since its release in 2013, various GTA V mods have allowed gamers to cross paths with everyone from the Incredible Hulk to the Flash, and even recreated the likes of The Last of Us. However, if fighting off cannibalistic creatures isn't up everyone's alley, how about seeing Kratos flex his muscles? Using his infamous Blades of Chaos, Kratos can cause as much trouble as he likes before going down in a blaze of bullets after alerting the police.

This isn't the Ghost of Sparta's first foray into unknown territory though. Over the years, Kratos has popped up in everything from Skyrim to Fallout, meaning that he isn't just confined to chopping the heads off Hydras in ancient Greece. However, as mods go, the Grand Theft Auto 5 one is pretty special to behold.

Both games have been grabbing headlines in recent weeks, with Grand Theft Auto 5 becoming the most profitable entertainment product of all time. Rockstar has sold over 90 million units, meaning GTA V's gross tops any movie, book, or other game ever made. Elsewhere, gamers have been clamoring for the long-awaited release of Sony's soft reboot of the God of War series and a change of setting for some colder climes.

Sadly, the Kratos featured in the GTA mod is a direct copy of the protagonist found in 2010's God of War III and not the grizzled older version fans can currently find in God of War. However, now that hype is at fever pitch as the God of War series travels to Midgard, how much longer will it be before someone sticks the bearded Kratos and his son Atreus into Grand Theft Auto 5?

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