This God of War Bloopers Video Will Make You Wish For A “Midgard Mishaps” Mode

A God of War blooper reel gives players a hilarious look at what can go wrong in the making of a AAA title. It’s not every day that fans get the chance to see some of the hard work that goes into creating their favorite games. A video posted by developer Santa Monica Studio changes all that, providing insight into the game developing process that few players ever get to see.

The latest addition to the God of War franchise was an enormous success. The game was it met with praise from critics and fans, earning its place as the highest rated PS4 game of all-time. God of War’s sales blew Sony away as it reached 5 million in its first month. Any worries about switching out the Greek mythology for Norse were forgotten as soon as fans got their chance to reenter the God of War Universe. Players are already asking when they get to reunite with Kratos and son Atreus in God of War 5.

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In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, Curt Markwardt, Quality Assurance Lead for Santa Monica Studio gave players a glimpse into the long and complicated process necessary for completing a video game. As a member of the QA team, Markwardt was one of forty people with the job of spotting and reporting bugs and glitches. His team was encouraged to save footage of any humorous bugs they encountered to create a blooper reel as a testament to the effort needed to make a game work. Thankfully, Markwardt has now posted the video, titled “Midgard Mishaps,” so fans can have a good laugh at Kratos and Atreus’s bodies performing feats no human or god should ever attempt.

Markwardt’s post is a chance to read about the game development process from the point of view of a department they’ve likely given little thought to. But, as he points out, being forgotten about is kind of the point. “The irony here is that, if we do not do our job well, it will be painfully obvious, but… if we do our job well, you will likely never notice.” If player response is anything to go by, the QA team succeeded.

The blooper footage is a great way to give players a look into the long and difficult process of creating a video game. More studios should consider making montages of their own so players can laugh along with developers over behind the scenes mistakes. It’s too bad that no Mishap Mode for God of War exists so fans can try out Atreus’ glitchy, demonic possession face for themselves. But at least players who have not yet got to experience the game can now buy it for $39.99 in the US.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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