God of War 5 Will Definitely Keep The Norse Theme Going

God of War 4 Norse mythology

Settle in for more Norse mythology as Sony confirms that the next God of War game will keep the same setting for another installment.

Starting back in 2005, God of War has been known for protagonist Kratos doing battle with the Greek gods and slicing into mythological beasts. Now, as the fourth game mixes it up and heads to some colder climes to take on the like of Thor and Odin, the long-running franchise will be getting at least one more Norse adventure.

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God of War 4 isn't even out yet, but Sony's confidence in the latest entry means that a fifth game is already in the works in the minds of the studio execs. In an interview with Finder, Sony Santa Monica’s senior online community strategist Aaron Kaufman revealed that it's going to be a long and harsh winter for Kratos as he will continue to battle the Norse gods:

"It’s not that we’ve forgotten our Greek past, but we want people to feel like this is a new experience. It's a new beginning. You don't have to have played a previous God of War game to start in this game and move forward on it. Even if you're a hardcore God of War fan, we take for granted that you can theorise about what happened between God of War III and this game. There's a lot of stories to be told there, but we don't need to tell them to you right now."

It has always been expected that there was more to Kratos' dive into Norse mythology, but avid gamers now have official confirmation that they will need their fur throws a little longer. It may be a blow to fans of the game they have come to know since the series' inception, but at least Sony is trying to head in a bold new adventure.

Given that the first seven God of War games sunned themselves in Greece, it seems only right that Norse mythology gets more than just a one-shot with the series. Sony isn't necessarily saying that there will be another seven games that focus on Norse mythology, but 2018's game is dubbed the start of the second era. Confusingly named God of War, it is clear that developers are wiping at least some of the slate clean with this year's soft reboot.

As a spiritual successor to 2010's God of War 3, the newest game will again focus on the troubled Kratos, but introduce his son Atreus along for the ride. With God of War 4 starting a whole new chapter, there are hopes that Arteus could take the title somewhere new if Sony ever decided the do the unthinkable and kill off its lead. There are clearly no plans to stop just yet, and there have already been rumored settings of Egyptian and Mayan mythology once the Norse era comes to a close.

Over the course of the first arc of games, players slowly but surely took out all the heavy hitters of Greek mythology, so those Norse deities had better watch out. Now, at least fans know that there is enough material to tell a few more stories in Scandinavia. Either way, Sony is mapping out a bright future for God of War, which has come a long way from its PS2 debut all those years ago. Like every gaming series, there have been highs and lows, but God of War 4 is already shaping up to be one of 2018's hottest games ahead of its April 20 release.

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Source: Finder

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