New God of War Trailer: Kratos' Son is the Future

Kratos God of War PS4

Sony's E3 2017 presentation offered gamers a good look at some all-new gameplay footage from the company's highly anticipated God of War game for the PS4. It's been a year since Sony announced the adventures of the god-killing Kratos would continue on the PlayStation 4, with the gaming company delivering a few tantalizing shots and some limited gameplay in 2016 that showed the red-streaked warrior had mellowed out a bit, grew a dad beard and started a new family far from his home and the setting of the best-selling trilogy of video games in the God of War franchise.

Back then, it was quite a surprise to see Kratos in a snowy environ, but it was a much greater surprise to see him actively engaged in the role of being a father in during actual gameplay. And with the new footage Sony made available at E3, it's clear that little Atreus isn't just a traveling companion for his violent papa, he's a key component of the game's mechanics and, to quote Kratos' new wife, he's also the future. Those are some weighty words to be placed on such small shoulders, but until young Atreus is big enough to live up to them, it looks like dear old dad will be around to bear the burden.

That's just one of the big takeaways from Sony's surprisingly lengthy reveal of the game that still somehow didn't reveal too much of the games exact plot. So far, Sony and Santa Monica Studios have kept the narrative obscured, for the most part. Obviously, with the new setting, there's a good chance of Kratos running into some of the more famous gods in Norse mythology… and then killing them.

Atreus Kratos God of War PS$

What the trailer did reveal were plenty of baddies – both big and small – running into Atreus, Kratos, and one mystical ax that packs quite a wallop. It's no Blades of Chaos, but seeing as how the ax can boomerang about and seemingly hunt down enemies with a flick of its thrower's wrist, well, it stands to reason the chained weapons that made Kratos famous may soon face some serious competition in the fandom department.

Still, as good as the game looks, and as intriguing the father-son bonding by way of killing giant beasts may be, the only solid lead on what's going on in the new God of War comes at the end of the trailer, when a giant sea serpent belches up Kratos' new god-killing device and, as translated by Atreus, offers to lend a… well, not hand, exactly, but certainly some help. What the "World Serpent" -- aka  Jörmungandr -- has in store for the two characters isn't entirely clear, but his connection to Ragnarok may find Kratos and his son pitted against all of Norse mythology.

God of War for PlayStation 4 is expected in early 2018.

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