Epic God of War Secret Location Found Via Collector's Edition Map

Warning: God of War spoilers ahead.

As those who are playing Sony's God of War make their way through the ambitious story campaign, some intrepid travelers have found an epic location hidden in plain sight.

Undoubtedly the most expansive God of War game to date, Sony's Santa Monica Studio has sent Kratos on a whole new adventure in the long-awaited sequel to God of War III. Swapping the scorching sun of Greece for the icy plains of Midgard, Norse mythology has given gamers old and new plenty to work with, including finding a secret location.

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Of all places to look, the origin of the secret location apparently comes with the cloth map included in the game’s Stone Mason Edition. Posted on Reddit, gamer SkipOneEBR asked for help deciphering the mystery. It turns out that the scales on the World Serpent featured around the edge of the map are covered in a series of Norse runes. Using the in-game alphabet, YouTuber BRKsEDU transcribed a riddle about the dwarven brothers Brok and Sindri:

"The brilliant huldra blacksmiths Brok and Sindri traveled all around the lands of Midgard to create this great map for the giantess Faye a mysterious treasure was found at the space between them at the conclusion of their journey unfortunately for the brothers the treasure’s location was instantly forgotten Brok retraced his steps and blamed Sindri for losing the treasure Sindri retraced his own steps but clearly knew it was Brok’s fault they could not find it the treasure was never found and neither brother has spoken to the other either since.

To reveal the great treasure stand inside the golden circle and look straight ahead to Tyr’s temple now look to the left brazier look back to Tyr’s temple look to the right brazier and back to left brazier.

Having just looked to the left brazier now look back straight ahead to Tyr’s temple again now look down to the floor then look up to the right brazier and then back to the left brazier and finally look to Tyr’s temple to reveal the forgotten treasure."

God of War Atreus and Kratos

Following a series of instructions, Kratos should end up at the Muspelheim tower by the Lake of Nine. While here, players who look in a certain sequence of directions will hear a gong sound, opening up an interdimensional rift with a huge prize inside. The reward is the legendary Forbidden Grip of the Ages ax pommel as well as an increase in all Kratos' stats. Added to this, players who complete the quest will notice that the R1 combo now comes with a handy concussion wave. Clearly impressed with the sleuthing skills, even game boss Cory Barlog took to Twitter to congratulate those who unraveled the riddle:

Admittedly, a new pommel and some boosted stats don't set the ball rolling for God of War 5 like the arrival of a certain god of Asgard does in the game's secret ending, but it shows just how much work went into bringing God of War to life. Fans only have to look at Barlog's emotional reaction to see that the latest game in the franchise has been a labor of love.

Alongside unlocking all the secret Valkyrie locations, it looks like everyone is only just scratching the surface of God of War with the blade of their Leviathan ax. Boasting huge sales and taking the crown as the highest-rated PS4 exclusive of all time, the latest chapter in the history of Kratos is much more than just another churned-out sequel. As more and more details emerge, expect God of War to continue being one of this year's most talked about games.

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Source: SkipOneEBR/RedditBRKsEDU/YouTube

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