How to See God of War 4's Super Awesome Secret Ending

**Warning: This article spoils God of War (2018)**




As 2018's God of War sends players on a whole new adventure (an awesome one - read our review!) within a new mythology and pantheon of gods, some players are discovering that there is a super secret ending after the 25 hours of main storyline. If you've not seen this special button sequence, here's how to access the secret ending to God of War!

As Kratos swaps his Blades of Chaos for the Leviathan Axe and a new camera perspective with the relaunch of the God of War series on PlayStation 4 -  and picks up his son Atreus on the way - Sony Santa Monica's latest chapter of the long-running saga reinvented everything fans thought they knew about the franchise. Taking on Jörmungandr and Valkyries in the expansive story campaign was enough to satisfy even the most loyal GoW gamer, however, the fun apparently doesn't stop there. Already steeped in Norse mythology, the awesome post-ending ending was a bolt from the blue of what could come next.

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The official ending sets up a continuation of the Norse mythology for the next installment of franchise, revealing that Atreus' real name is Loki and that everything Kratos and he did together in this game was prophecized. Now that the Fimbulwinter has officially started, it looks like both Loki and the events of Ragnarök are to play a big part in God of War 5. However, after the credits roll, players are given the option to head back to Kratos' homestead where the game began. When there, players can rest by pressing the circle button and activate the game's only cutaway from its continuous one-shot camera style. As the screen fades to black, the text "years later" reveals an even older Kratos in the midst of a huge storm. A hooded figure knocks at the door, revealed to be Thor holding a crackling version of Mjolnir.

And he's rightfully ready to do battle after Kratos dispatch of Thor’s sons Magni and Modi, and Thor's brother Baldur.

Both Thor and Odin were major presences in God of War, but some players were a little disappointed that neither got to properly throwdown with the Ghost of Sparta. However, fans need to remember that 2005's original God of War let gamers take a chunk out of Ares while other big players like Zeus were only teased from the sidelines. Either way, Kratos wakes from his dream to grumble that he and Atreus have too much to do today to deal with the God of Thunder. Whatever plans the series has for Thor and Odin, it doesn't look like either Kratos and Atreus will be losing too much sleep over either of them just yet.

Interestingly, the tease of "years later" in the secret ending means the events might not even take place in God of War 5. The hooded Thor arrives during the storm in what appears to be a post-Fimbulwinter vengeance mission. Logically, if God of War 5 follows the events of Ragnarök, a sixth game would be the ultimate Kratos-Thor fight to the death. Creative Director Cory Barlog and his team at Sony Santa Monica clearly have plans for where to take God of War next, but bearing in mind that the first games were solely set in Greek mythology, it could be a long winter in the realms of Midgard.

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