The Netflix God Of War TV Show Hoax Explained

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Here's how the God Of War Netflix TV show hoax began. The original God Of War video game trilogy followed Kratos, a brutal, and very, very angry general who slaughters a wide variety of monsters and characters from Greek mythology. Kratos is an anti-hero in the truest sense and his bloodlust scarcely makes him any better than those he was seeking revenge on. The games themselves featured great stories, stunning setpieces, and addictive gameplay.

The series struggled slightly once the trilogy was complete, with 2013 prequel God Of War: Ascension receiving decent reviews but doing little to innovate. The series received a glorious soft reboot in the form of 2018's God Of War which depicts the once savage Kratos as a caring father to his son Atreus. He's tried to turn away from the violence of his past, but once it comes looking for him, he picks up an ax and returns to what he does back. The game drew from Norse mythology and released exclusively for the PS4. God Of War 2018 was praised upon release for both its gameplay and story, which framed Kratos from a whole new angle.

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God Of War was a huge success and introduced the franchise to a new generation of fans. There's been talk of a God Of War live-action movie for years, with Steven DeKnight (Pacific Rim: Uprising) once revealing he'd spoken with Sony about it. According to creator David Jaffe, Daniel Craig was offered the role at one point but turned it down. Video game adaptations rarely capture what made the source material work, but recent projects like Netflix's excellent Castlevania show progress is being made. That's why some fans got excited in April 2018 when a poster revealed Jason Momoa would be playing Kratos in a forthcoming Netflix show - the only problem is it was a total fake.

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Posted by God of War Fans Page on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Such a show never existed, with the poster being a fan-made image posted to a God Of War fan page on Facebook. The image is a combination of Kratos from God Of War 2018 and Jason Momoa from Aquaman and while it looks pretty good, it's not real. Adding to the confusion somewhat is the fact Netflix has a movie called God Of War, which is a 2017 Chinese historical epic starring action legend Sammo Hung (Ip Man 2).

While Jason Momoa has expressed interest in playing Kratos in the past, sadly, there don't appear to be any concrete plans to press ahead with a God Of War movie or TV show. It will probably happen eventually - in addition to God Of War 5 - but fans will have to be patient for now.

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