God of War's Final Easter Egg Discovered and Confirmed

Atreus God of War 2018

*** Warning: God of War spoilers ahead ***

Fans of Sony Santa Monica's God of War have finally tracked down the game's last hidden Easter egg after what seems like an eternity of searching. Taking the Ghost of Sparta to pastures new, the PlayStation 4 exclusive has proved to be the game that keeps on giving thanks to a multitude of secrets even after the main campaign has wrapped.

With hidden Thor endings and an MCU-esque Infinity GauntletGod of War has not only lived up to its honor of being the highest-rated PS4 exclusive of all time but has taken players on a wild ride that teases an exciting future for the series. As some gamers prepared to put down their PS4 controllers and Kratos' Leviathan Axe,  a panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego gave everyone a reason to continue playing. Game director Cory Barlog gave fans a hint of where to look for God of War's final Easter egg and someone has finally unlocked the long-lost secret.

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Subreddit GodofWarSecrets was entirely dedicated to Barlog's chase through the lush backdrop of Midgard and has unveiled the Easter egg hiding in Kratos' house. A series of runes in each of the four corners spell out the name "LOKI," essentially revealing (without players knowing) that Kratos' son Atreus is the trickster god and that his mother knew all along. Concept artist Joe Kennedy then posted on Twitter to confirm the news:


Those who have played through the game will already know Atreus' secret identity as Loki from the game's, meaning that not everyone is impressed with this "big" reveal. One fan wrote on Reddit, "So the big secret is something we already knew. I mean I didn't think it was going to be anything extravagant but I at least expected some new information story-wise. If this really is it I'm extremely disappointed." Others are so unhappy with the final Easter egg, they're convinced that Kennedy and co. are still hiding something else in the depths of God of War. Maybe they just don't understand what Easter Eggs are.

Although the hunt is officially over, Kennedy teased that there might be the odd Easter egg lurking in the background thanks to some crafty environmental artist but that it won't be part of the main story or affect the future of the franchise. With so many secrets across God of War, it has become a mission for loyal players to track them all down through the various tasks and defeat all the Valkyrie littered through the title. Another Loki reveal may seem a little predictable, but at least it gives everyone another reason to return to God of War.

Either way, Barlog managed to reinvigorate God of War's fandom even months after it first hit the PS4. With Barlog promising it won't take another five years to develop the next game, players can look to the future of God of WarWith the likes of Thor, Odin, and Loki poised to lead God of War 5, prepare for plenty more Easter eggs pulled from Norse mythology when Kratos and his new-found son take on another batch of angry deities in the next chapter.

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Source: GodofWarSecrets

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