How Kratos Gets The Blades of Chaos Back in God of War 4

**Warning: This article spoils plot points of God of War**




With God of War 4 now available after five years of development, fans have come to learn that the iconic Blades of Chaos make their return in the new game,  bringing in a little more of that God of War trilogy Greek lore into the Nine Realms of Norse mythology. The beginning of the game makes it clear that Kratos has tried to bury his past in an effort to save his son Atreus from the stakes that follow being a god. When Atreus falls ill as a result of giving into the crippling rage he has inherited from his father, Kratos is left with no choice but to enter the realm of the dead, Hel (yes, with one 'L') in order to retrieve the heart of a guardian from the area.

How does this bring about the return of the Blades of Chaos? Kratos is informed by Freya (a fellow god that's been assisting the duo) that the enemies that occupy Hel are far too cold to be affected by the Leviathan Axe. In this take on Norse mythology, Hel is literally frozen over. Knowing that the Blades of Chaos are fueled by the element of fire, the God of War sets off to retrieve the armament from the house he shared with his wife and child, despite the pain they have caused him in the past.

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It's a full-circle moment for the story of God of War 4 as Kratos is forced to wield the same weapon that took everything away from him in the original trilogy to save the one thing he has left – his son.

Overall it's a great turning point of the narrative for longstanding fans of the franchise, as they are reintroduced to a unique weapon that helped Kratos stand out as a very different character during the PS2 era in which he made his debut. Better yet, the use of this weapon is the furthest thing from a one-off, as Kratos can summon them as a regular item at any moment during his adventure from that point on.

Gamers can also level up and unlock new attacks and combos for the Blades of Chaos through a skill tree, similar to what's present for Atreus' bow and arrows, Kratos' shield, the Spartan Rage ability, and of course, the Leviathan Axe. Still, the fact that Sony Santa Monica opted to introduce another core weapon during the middle of the narrative speaks to the importance of the returning item amongst the series' fan base.

Notably, and given the ending of God of War 4, it's clear that the Blades of Chaos will remain a part for the franchise moving forward with God of War 5 and 6. Here's hoping that they're put to good use against the likes of Thor and Odin.

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