Everything We Know About God Eater Season 2

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Will the battle against the Aragami continue in God Eater season 2? The God Eater anime series was based on the video game franchise published by Bandai Namco. Both the game and TV series take place in a post-apocalyptic future where man-eating creatures known as the Aragami have driven humanity to the point of extinction. These monsters can't be killed with conventional weapons either, so an organization called Fenrir has created weapons called God Arcs that can stop them.

Those who wield these weapons are known by the pretty badass name of God Eater. The gameplay of the series is somewhat similar to Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, with players taking on large beasts using their upgradable God Arc weapons. The original game was released in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, with God Eater 2 and God Eater 3 released in 2013 and 2018 respectively. The God Eater anime was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the video game franchise, but while it was praised for its beautiful, unique art style, the show was also criticized for production issues that led to a long delay in the airing of the final four episodes.

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Nonetheless, the first season left plenty of unresolved storylines fans want to see concluded, so what's happening with God Eater season 2?

God Eater Season 2 Hasn't Been Confirmed

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For now, fans of the anime will have to take it on faith that another season is actually happening, since God Eater season 2 hasn't been officially announced by animation studio Ufotable, who also worked on the anime sequences for God Eater 3. The elaborate animation style of season 1 was blamed for costly production delays, which caused some viewers to lose interest during its initial airing. Given the popularity of the series, fans are hopeful God Eater season 2 will happen, but there's currently little in the way of concrete information on it.

God Eater Season 2 Release Date

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Unconfirmed reports suggested God Eater season 2 was moving quickly following the end of the first season and was being prepared for 2017 - this proved not to be the case. More recent rumors suggest late 2019 is a possible release date, but again, without season 2 being officially confirmed fans should take any news with a grain of salt.

God Eater Season 2 Story

God Eater season 2 will reportedly feature Lenka Utsugi as the new lead character, following Lindow losing his arm during a battle with the Aragami. That said, Lindow and Shio are also expected to return and another hero character might be introduced. Without season 2 being announced, however, this might just be conjecture on the part of fans. The God Eater video game series is continuing apace, so perhaps a potential God Eater season 2 could tie into the franchise's tenth anniversary in 2020 instead.

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