Tips For God Eater 3 We Wish We Knew Before Playing

God Eater 3 is relatively easy to get started with, but there are still some tips people should know before playing. Before the missions get anywhere close to difficult, players are guided through several tutorial levels. There, they'll learn about basic attacks, Burst mode, and linking with allies for a well-timed stat boost.

However, God Eater 3 does make the assumption that the player is decently-versed in action RPGs, so those players who are new to the genre might find themselves lost. God Eater 3's hack-and-slash gameplay is easy to understand but difficult to master. Pressing a single button to attack streamlines the process over other RPGs, but with the additional forms and modes, it's not as easy as it first appears to be.

Here's a quick list of tips and tricks to get you started in God Eater 3. Keep in mind that these are primarily for beginners, but they might even help pros get acclimated to a new type of RPG.

Maintain Distance and Observe Patterns

Even though God Eater 3 explains the different forms of the God Arc, it doesn't go into detail on when and how to use them effectively. The primary attack forms are Blade and Gun. These are of course relatively self-explanatory; Gun Form shoots bullets, Blade form is a sword. When attacking enemies in the level, a player might feel inclined to jump right in and start swinging their sword. After all, the gun uses OP and has limited ammo, where as the blade's stamina bar is practically unlimited.

While this tactic may work in the early stages, player's will find their health bars dropping rapidly if they try the same approach later. The Aragami can dish out lots of damage in a single hit. The safest route is to use gun form to space your way around the monster, getting some free hits off while maintaining distance. Observe the patterns the enemy follows: when they attack, what the range of the attack is, and if they have any movement abilities. Even low level enemies can tunnel underground or swoop upwards. Noticing what the Aragami do before the attack lands is key to avoiding damage when you approach with Blade form.

Eat "Gods" Early and Often

God Eater 3 players will get a brief introduction to the Predator Form of their God Arc as early as Stage 1. This form allows the character to absorb the power of the Aragami and enter Burst Mode. Here they'll deal more damage, move faster, and get special Aragami bullets. Entering Burst Mode is pretty much the only way to deal any significant damage to higher level Aragami.

Entering Predator Form is as simple as pressing a button (triangle on PS4), so the only key is making sure timing is right. The charge-up on the move (even if done instantly with the shortcut (R1+Triangle) can leave the character very vulnerable to get hit by a number of strong attacks.

Make sure you space the character a safe distance away from the Aragami - but close enough that the giant mouth from your God Arc can reach - before activating Predator Form. Sussing out the situation first to spot any tricky monster attacks will guarantee safety during this long move. Once its complete and Burst Mode is activated, feel free to go to town on the Aragami.

Work Together to Build Up Engage Effect

Teamwork is critical in God Eater 3, especially when playing with actual human players. But even when going into missions with the AI, syncing up attacks and focusing firing on specific Aragami helps in battle. Whenever you fight with a player in a certain range, the Engage Percentage rises. Once full, Engage Effect can be triggered, boosting the power of moves and increasing defense. It's important to swap up which characters you are fighting next to in order to maximize the use of the Engage system. Fight next to one character and after the Effect is triggered and subsequently finished, try to combo with another.

Explore Before Landing the Final Blow

Once the final Aragami is defeated, you'll be taken back to the Caravan (or hub world at the time). The levels offer a brief amount of time after a victory to explore, but it isn't enough to grab everything you've missed. There are plenty of important and valuable artifacts lying around that you might miss if you wait until after battle to pick them up. Try to explore a bit before engaging (or even during a tough engagement) to guarantee you walk away from the fight with all the materials you need and want.


Hopefully all these basic tips were helpful in getting started with God Eater 3. We know we could have used them when starting out.

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