How to Get S Rankings (or Higher) in God Eater 3 Missions

Even if you're an experienced action RPG player, God Eater 3 might throw you for a loop. While a lot of the inventory management and leveling has been streamlined and is a bit more simple than your average Monster Hunter, the game has a few additions that are necessary to perfecting your gameplay. Right away, God Eater 3 offers grades upon completion of each level going all the way up to SSS.

Getting improved scores not only looks a lot better when showing off to your friends, but it also provides improved rewards. There's some rewards you can only get the first time a mission is beaten, but there are plenty of others that are given each subsequent time. For players who want the best upgraded gear, the easiest way is to replay levels and go for that top grade. Seasoned vets may be looking to earn that highest achievement on every single level, and it's not as simple as they might think. Here are a few tips to earning an SSS grade on God Eater 3 missions.

Perfect Your Movement

One of the key ways to get better scores in God Eater 3 is to finish each mission in a certain amount of time. This gets more difficult as the amount of Aragami increase or the health of Aragami bosses appears unlimited. It's pretty easy to tap the attack button and deal damage, but making sure it's effective is another story.

The best way to do this is to chain together movement around Aragami attacks with your own blade swings. This involves using dashing and conserving the right amount of stamina to still be able to attack for a short time afterwards. Even though stamina regenerates relatively rapidly, standing still for even a second can be the difference between getting hit and avoiding a blow.

Again, dashing is the most important aspect of movement; it's long range and short cooldown make it the best move for closing or creating distance. Getting around large Aragami with it or chasing a fleeing one is best done with this move. Get used to the feel and flow of dashing and other movement abilities (the double jump in Burst Mode) and you'll see the speed at which you finish levels improve.

Find the Loadout that Works For You

Experiment early and often with different weapons and adjustments to your character's God Arc. Even though the starting weapon is a lot of fun, it may not be the one best suited to your play style. Check out different combinations of Burst Plug-ins. These determine the effects upon entering Burst mode, which you should be doing constantly when fighting Aragami. "Preemptive Attack" increases attack power, "High Torque" reduces stamina consumption, and "Wall" reduces damage taken. Additionally, God Arc Skills function as passive perks like increasing HP or speed. Some of these can only be added to your Arc after passing a certain level, so don't worry if you're too low to use one in the beginning. Swap out your loadout frequently to try new things because there's no shame in losing a level or getting a low grade. Just try again and keep improving your score until you find a match that works for you.

Check Out the Aragami's Weaknesses/Strengths

To get the SSS rating in God Eater 3, it's important to know what you're going up against at each level. Playing a level the first time won't grant you much information in terms of the Aragami you'll be facing, but on a replay the encyclopedia opens up. The mission screen will reveal the Aragami you'll be facing and their weaknesses, like ice. Then you'll be able to customize your loadout to most easily defeat the monsters. You can even change the party you're running into battle with as certain party members will do better in specific situations.

Use Pick-Ups to Improve Weapons

When in a mission, you'll pick up artifacts off the ground often. They let off a bright light, so they're hard to miss. Their usefulness is not immediately apparent, but is important to understand as the difficulty ramps up. Many of the items can be used to upgrade the God Arc and other character attributes. Don't forget to run around the level before defeating all the enemies to maximize the loot you bring back to the caravan with you. Then, once your back, use the loot to build the best God Arc possible. It'll make fighting significantly easier.

Absorb Dead Aragami

One of the most crucial elements that God Eater 3 glosses over is using Predator Form to absorb materials from fallen Aragami. While the form is very useful in entering Burst Mode and defeating the Aragami, its use post-death is also valuable. The Aragami's body will lie there after it has been killed, so the player has plenty of time to charge up a powerful Predator attack on their God Arc (no need for the quick attack). The only thing to be careful of is other Aragami jumping out of nowhere and attacking you mid-absorb. The material absorbed from dead Aragami can be used to upgrade the God Arc, so make sure to do it frequently. Without them, you'll be stuck facing high level enemies without much breathing room.

Keep Trying

The main tip necessary to getting SSS scores in God Eater 3 is to go into battle again. As they get more difficult, it's unlikely that you'll grab the highest grade the first time, but never fear. Simply reload the level and try again. Try different loadouts, different approaches, and take it slow.

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