Laika Studios Preps 'Goblins' For Their Next Stop-Motion Animated Feature

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With the very successful Coraline already behind them, Laika Studios is preparing for the release of their forthcoming stop-motion animated feature ParaNorman. But the studio will not stop there; in fact, they are already preparing for the future by adding an adaptation of Philip Reeve’s children’s fantasy horror novel Goblins to their production slate as well.

Variety reports that The Fantastic Mr. Fox animation director Mark Gustafson will be the one to helm the project, and next up, a writer must be found to pen the script, along with the voice talent.

Reeve's Goblins book is already available in the U.K. as of earlier this month and it should hit North American bookshelves later this year. The film adaptation will be in stop-motion and of course, in 3D.

The story of Goblins is about the ruthless and bloodthirsty titular creatures, but specifically about how not all of them are evil. Among the band of troublesome goblins is Skarper, the young, smart and unique protagonist who doesn't fit in, but has insight to an even larger, more troublesome issue than his brethren.

It's a fantasy tale with neat twists that throws a goblin on the unlikeliest adventures, and those themes combined with the visual aesthetic of the concepts behind goblins and other mythical creatures is ripe for animation, in this case, practical stop-motion effects.

It could be a while for Goblins to hit the big screen. Gustafson is currently co-directing the Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion version of Pinocchio. Stop-motion animation is also a painstakingly meticulous process. The slightest mistake could cost an entire scene. But that’s what makes the process of the animation style so special and unique.

Coraline was an unexpected surprise hit and I cannot wait to see ParaNorman. So I suspect that Goblins will just as good if not better than Laika’s previous works.

Source: Variety

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