'Kick-Ass 2' Director Jeff Wadlow Will 'Go Fast' For Sony

Jeff Wadlow 'Go Fast' Movie Sony

Comic book fans may be psyched for Kick-Ass and Hit Girl to return to the big screen in next month's Kick-Ass 2, but how casual moviegoers will approach the sequel to director Matthew Vaughn's 2010 hit remains a bit of a question mark. If it succeeds, the film could re-awaken Hollywood's interest in R-rated comic book films (Deadpool, anyone?). However, Kick-Ass 2 has already provided quite the boost to its writer/director, Jeff Wadlow.

The filmmaker – whose only previous feature-length directorial credits are the 2005 horror film Cry_Wolf and the 2008 action drama Never Back Down – was recently announced as the writer (and potential director) of Fox's planned X-Force film. The studio is largely expected to divulge further details on that project at Comic-Con 2013 this weekend, but in the meantime, it looks like Wadlow has added another project to his to-do list.

According to Deadline, Wadlow will direct an action film called Go Fast for Sony Pictures. The film – written by xXx screenwriter Rich Wilkes – reportedly centers on the ocean-bound struggle between DEA agents and drug smugglers and aims to do for high-velocity watercraft what the Fast and Furious franchise has done for fast cars, namely transform them into box office gold.

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Considering that Vin Diesel initially left the Fast and Furious franchise to star in xXx, it's interesting to hear that Wilkes is scripting a film that is essentially being described as "Fast and Furious on water." The concept certainly has the potential for plenty of ocean-soaked thrills, but it may be a bit of a harder sell than the more universal idea of driving fast cars. Then again, if The Fast and the Furious could manage to break the world of underground street racing into the mainstream…

At this time, there's no indication when Go Fast is aiming to begin production, but it's possible that Wadlow's involvement in the film could preclude him from taking the directorial reins on X-Force. If the buzz surrounding Kick-Ass 2 (at least behind the scenes) is truly behind Wadlow's sudden popularity (it's worth noting that he was once rumored to direct Fast & Furious 7), Fox would be wise to rearrange their plans for the future of the X-men franchise in order to bring Wadlow into the director's chair. After all, the last time they let a director slip through their fingers the world ended up with X-men: The Last Stand.

What do you think of the idea behind Go Fast, Screen Rant readers? Does the world of fast boats sound like as much fun as fast cars? Sound off in the comments below.


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Source: Deadline

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