What To Expect From GLOW Season 4

GLOW Season 4

Warning: SPOILERS for GLOW Season 3.

Here when fans can expect GLOW season 4 and what it will be about. Netflix's hit series about 1980s women's professional wrestling moved the action to Las Vegas, which was the home base of the real-life GLOW, in season 3. Now putting on a nightly stage show at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino, this newfound success created all-new drama and upheaval in the lives of the wrestlers and producers of GLOW.

In GLOW season 3, life in Sin City and the pressures of putting on the same show night-after-night, six nights a week, got to the characters in different ways. Ruth (Alison Brie) was confronted by the romantic interest of GLOW's director Sam (Marc Maron) and was left more confused about her future than ever. Debbie (Betty Gilpin) is now a producer but struggled with leaving her baby behind in LA, as well as the glass ceiling she keeps hitting as a woman trying to secure the future of her career. Bash (Chris Lowell) is now married to Rhonda (Kate Nash) but discovers hidden truths about himself now that he's living the high life in Las Vegas. GLOW season 3 tackled gay rights, racism, romantic relationships, and real-world tragedies, all while the crew staged the wackiest live act in Vegas.

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GLOW season 3 ended on a cliffhanger that promises the biggest changes yet for the series. Here's everything we know so far about GLOW season 4.

When Will GLOW Season 4 Release?

Netflix hasn't yet renewed GLOW for season 4. Despite the cliffhanger ending of GLOW season 3, it's not a lock that GLOW will return for another outing due to Netflix's strategy of canceling their original series after 2-3 seasons. In fact, GLOW was nearly canceled after season 1 due to low ratings, but the streaming service reconsidered. It's not clear if Netflix will buck its recent trend of cancelations and reward GLOW with season 4.

If GLOW season 4 does happen, it will most likely drop during the late summer 2020 time frame, like GLOW season 3 did. The first two seasons of GLOW premiered in June of 2017 and 2018, so GLOW season 3 broke that mold and arrived a bit later. The same production schedule would mean GLOW season 4 would once again arrive a bit later in the year, though perhaps changing GLOW's release date is an experiment by Netflix to help increase viewership.

Who Is In The Cast of GLOW Season 4?

Chris Lowell Marc Maron and Betty Glipin in GLOW Season 3 Netflix

GLOW's main cast, headlined by Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin (who scored an Emmy nomination), and Marc Maron, are all expected to return for GLOW season 4 if it happens. The women's wrestling series has maintained its expansive cast of characters throughout its three seasons; in fact, GLOW season 3 added even more characters like Geena Davis as Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, the entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino.

However, GLOW season 3 ended with a little bit of an upheaval as Carmen (Britney Young) announced her desire to hit the independent wrestling circuit and pursue the journeyman life of being a 'real' professional wrestler. It's not clear if that means Carmen has left the series or not.

What Will GLOW Season 4's Story Be?

GLOW season 3 ended with another huge paradigm shift for the series: thanks to Debbie's shrewd ambition and Bash's money, they were able to buy a TV network in Los Angeles. Essentially, this allows Debbie to become President of a network and write her own ticket, as well as determine a better destiny for all of the women in GLOW. This likely means GLOW will leave Las Vegas and return to LA but it also means the GLOW girls will create sorely needed, all-new wrestling personas, which will lead to a new look for GLOW. While this is a further departure from the history of the real-life GLOW, the fact that "GLOW is on autopilot" was an underlying theme of GLOW season 3 so reinvention of the production is certainly in order.

Where this leaves all of the characters is the biggest question GLOW season 4 needs to answer. Ruth didn't commit to Debbie's new plan and seemingly walked away from GLOW. In addition, Sam left GLOW halfway through season 3 to join his daughter Justine (Britt Baron) in her burgeoning filmmaking career, bringing them closer than ever. If GLOW does return for season 4, it could be a very different looking series, though it will still be filled with the same motley band of lovable misfits.

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GLOW is available to stream on Netflix.

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