GLOW Season 3 Trailer: The Ladies Of Wrestling Head to Las Vegas

Netflix releases the GLOW season 3 trailer. Based on a female pro wrestling circuit from the '80s, the series features Alison Brie in the main role.

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Netflix releases the GLOW season 3 trailer. Based on the female professional wrestling circuit known as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the comedy series features Alison Brie in the main role. GLOW season 2 released in June 2018, and Netflix renewed GLOW for season 3 on August 20, 2018.

In GLOW, Brie portrays Ruth "Zoya the Destroya" Wilder, and Betty Gilpin co-stars as her best friend, Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagan. The first season takes place in Los Angeles 1985 and follows the main characters’ immersion into the world of pro wrestling. In GLOW season 2, the female wrestlers grapple with criticism from the organization Concerned Women of America, along with behind the scenes production issues. Marc Maron has a supporting role as the GLOW creator Sam Sylvia, and Chris Lowell appears as producer/ring announcer Sebastian "Bash" Howard. Earlier this month, it was announced Geena Davis was cast for GLOW season 3.

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Netflix released the GLOW season 3 trailer. The opening sequence establishes the setting, as GLOW finds a new home at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino. From there, the pros and cons of living in Sin City are addressed, which sets the tone for the introduction of Davis’ entertainment director character, Sandy Devereaux St. Clair. During the trailer’s middle section, Ruth struggles with her place in the world, but she soon learns that GLOW will indeed be picked up for the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, Roxette’s 1988 single “Listen to Your Heart” complements a sequence about Debbie’s skepticism and concerns. Overall, the women seek personal freedom in the GLOW season 3 trailer, all the while understanding that they must play by certain rules in order to advance their careers. The final 30 seconds highlight a sense of female solidarity and tease a potential shift of power. Check out the GLOW season 3 trailer and poster below.  

Glow Season 3 Poster Netflix

In pop culture, Brie is best known for starring as Annie Edison on NBC’s Community, and she also portrayed Trudy Campbell on AMC’s Mad Men. Meanwhile, Gilpin’s star power has significantly increased since GLOW season 2 ended, as she appeared in the 2019 feature films Isn’t It Romantic, A Dog’s Journey, and Stuber. In addition, she’s also set to appear in Craig Zobel’s Blumhouse thriller The Hunt and the Sam Raimi-produced psychological horror film Grudge.  

While Brie and Gilpin are entirely capable of carrying GLOW on their own, the casting of Davis adds an extra layer of performance depth. Not only is she a Hollywood veteran, but she’s also the star of cult classics like Beetlejuice and Thelma & Louise. Incidentally, Davis will help Netflix expand its audience with GLOW season 3, and the Las Vegas storyline allows for some juicy drama, especially considering how much the city has changed since the late ‘80s. 

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GLOW season 3 premieres August 9 on Netflix.

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