GLOW Season 3 Ordered By Netflix

Betty Gilpin GLOW Season 2

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will take their act to Vegas, as Netflix has officially renewed the ‘80s-set comedy GLOW for season 3. The series is coming off a successful second season that developed its characters in surprising and satisfying ways, while also pointing to the road ahead, namely by shipping the nascent women’s wrestling league off to Sin City, the locale of the next batch of episodes that’ll likely hit the streaming service sometime in the summer of 2019. 

Though news of the renewal is likely music to GLOW fans’ ears, it took a little longer than some may have expected. Season 2 jumped off the top rope in late June of this year, and though that’s just under two months before the third season was made official, perhaps the time frame felt protracted when the show’s numerous Emmy nominations didn't result in an immediate third season renewal, despite landing noms for Outstanding Comedy Series and one for Betty Gilpin for her role as Debbie Eagan, better known to her fans as Liberty Belle.

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Whatever the reasons behind the time frame of the final decision, Netflix made the news official with a special season 3 video posted to social media this afternoon.

With several nominations under its belt, season 3 of GLOW stands to be considerably different from its first two seasons, if for no other reason than the setting will change from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That will provide showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch with plenty of opportunities to toy around with the status quo, especially now that Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Gilpin) will be so far away from what caused a rift between them in the first place — Debbie’s ex-husband Mark (Rich Sommer). 

But what makes the series work so well is its ability to deliver numerous satisfying storylines for its sizable ensemble cast. In addition to furthering the friendship between Ruth and Marc Maron’s B-movie director Sam Sylva, season 2 promised an interesting road ahead for Chris Lowell’s Bash Howard, after revealing details about his sexuality and then seeing him pop the question to Kate Nash’s Rhonda Richardson, in an effort to prevent her deportation. The season 2 finale certainly made it seem as though Flahive and Mensch were confident that a third season would be in the offing, and now it looks as though their storytelling choices will get they payoff they deserve. 

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