GLOW Season 3 Cast & Character Guide

GLOW Season 3 Cast and Character Guide

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have returned for GLOW season 3, and the cast of characters grows as the show moves to a new venue in Las Vegas. Taking the stage at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino following the cancellation of their TV show, the cast of GLOW deal with romantic troubles, the pressures of performing, and difficult questions about their future.

Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, GLOW is based on a real women's wrestling show that originally ran in the late 1980s. Season 3 of GLOW begins in January 1986, with the GLOW girls preparing for a three-month run at the casino. Most of the original cast that was introduced in GLOW season 1 returns, including Marc Maron as the show's beleaguered director Sam Sylvia, and season 3 also introduces new characters like Geena Davis' Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, the casino's entertainment director.

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To get you caught up for GLOW season 3, here's our guide to the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the actresses who play them, and their alter egos - as well as the other colorful characters of GLOW.

Returning Cast Members in GLOW Season 3

GLOW Season 3 - Bash Sam and Debbie

On the production side of things, Chris Lowell plays Bash Howard, the young producer and financier of GLOW, who has more enthusiasm than business sense. Marc Maron plays Sam Sylvia, a dry-witted and cynical B-movie director who reluctantly agreed to direct GLOW. As for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling themselves, here's a rundown of the characters in the ring.

  • Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder a.k.a. Zoya the Destroyer - The main protagonist of GLOW also happens to be the main heel of the show. Ruth is a struggling actress who found new life in the role of Soviet caricature Zoya.
  • Betty Gilpin as Debbie Eagan a.k.a. Liberty Belle - Both a former friend and a former enemy of Ruth's, Debbie strives to be taken seriously as a producer while also playing the role of American heroine Liberty Belle.
  • Kate Nash as Rhonda Richardson a.k.a. Britannica - A Brit who moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming a singer, only to find herself playing scientist Britannica in the ring and, as of the season 2 finale, married to GLOW producer Bash Howard.
  • Gayle Rankin as Sheila a.k.a. The She-Wolf - An awkward young woman who insists upon wearing her she-wolf persona at all times, Sheila tries to expand her acting range in GLOW season 3.
  • Sydelle Noel as Cherry Bang a.k.a. Black Magic - Formerly known by her in-ring persona Junkchain, Cherry is the most experienced fighter in the GLOW cast and has the unenviable task of trying to keep the ladies in shape.
  • Britney Young as Carmen Wade a.k.a. Machu Picchu - Carmen comes from a family of wrestlers and was always overshadowed by her brothers, until she decided to make a name for herself in GLOW.
  • Jackie Tohn as Melanie "Melrose" Rosen a.k.a. Hollywood - A wild party girl and Jewish-American princess, Melrose loves late nights and good-looking men.
  • Kia Stevens as Tammé Dawson a.k.a. Welfare Queen - After postponing her acting career in order to raise her son, Tammé is now throwing everything she has into her new wrestling career. Stevens is also a real-life wrestler with the stage name Awesome Kong.
  • Ellen Wong as Jenny Chey a.k.a. Fortune Cookie - A Cambodian-American, Jenny takes on the role of Chinese stereotype Fortune Cookie in the ring, and is paired with Zoya the Destroyer as the "Red Scare" tag-team.
  • Sunita Mani as Arthie Premkamur a.k.a. Beirut the Mad Bomber - After discovering romance with Yolanda in season 2, Arthie struggles to accept her sexuality in season 3.
  • Shakira Berrera as Yolanda Rivas a.k.a. Junkchain - Introduced in GLOW season 2 as a replacement for the character Junkchain, while Cherry explored her acting career, Yolanda has feelings for Arthie but is frustrated by her hesitation.
  • Marianna Palka as Reggie Walsh a.k.a. Vicky the Viking - An Olympic medalist whose in-ring persona is based on the real-life GLOW wrestler Brunhilda.
  • Rebekka Johnson and Kimmy Gatewood as Dawn and Stacey a.k.a. The Beatdown Biddies - Best friends both inside and outside of the ring, Dawn and Stacey are also hair stylists for the cast of GLOW.

Other returning characters this season include Britt Baron as Sam's daughter, Justine Biagi, who is venturing into her own career as a screenwriter. Bashir Salahuddin plays Cherry's husband, Keith Bang, who is staying with her at the Fan-Tan as the two of them try to conceive a baby. Victor Quinaz also returns as Russell Barroso, Ruth's boyfriend, who is still working as a camera operator in LA. Rich Sommer has a minor role as Debbie's ex-husband, Mark Eagan. Finally, Elizabeth Perkins once again plays Bash Howard's disapproving mother, Birdie.

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New Cast Members in GLOW Season 3

GLOW Season 3 - Geena Davis as Sandy Devereaux St Claire
  • Geena Davis as Sandy Devereaux St. Clair - A former showgirl, Sandy is now the entertainment director at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino, the new home of GLOW. Sandy hopes that the newest addition to the show lineup will bring more crowds to the Fan-Tan.
  • Kevin Cahoon as Bobby Barnes - Bobby is the star of a drag show in one of the Fan-Tan's smaller stages, who ends up befriending the cast of GLOW as he plans a fundraising ball to help victims of the AIDs crisis.
  • Breeda Wool as Denise - A former showgirl who now teaches dance classes to the current showgirls, which the GLOW cast end up being forced to attend by Cherry.
  • Nick Clifford as Paul - A smooth-talking gigolo who operates out of the Fan-Tan's bar, and ends up becoming entangled in the love lives of more than one GLOW girl.
  • Toby Huss as Tex - A wealthy ranch owner whom Debbie meets on a plane and later at the casino itself.

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