Netflix Almost Canceled GLOW Due to Low Ratings

The Netflix wrestling dramedy GLOW is a fan-favorite, but the streaming service wasn't always on board, threatening to cancel it at one point.

Kate Nash Jackie Tohn Betty Gilpin in GLOW season 2

Arguably one of Netflix's best original shows currently airing, GLOW was almost prematurely canceled by the streaming service. Audiences first learned about the series in 2016, when it was announced that Community actress Alison Brie would star in the show from Weeds and Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan. The name comes from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a 1980s female wrestling promotion that aired in various forms over the course of five years. The show revolves around the women behind the scenes, primarily Brie's Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who comes across the opportunity to be on TV as a character of her own creation, and the women she works with.

The first season landed on Netflix in June 2017 and immediately received rave reviews. It was renewed for a second season shortly thereafter, and Brie was nominated for a Golden Globe for playing Ruth, while the Emmys acknowledged co-star Betty Gilpin, as well as many other facets of the show. A year after Season 1, the second season premiered on Netflix, and was again very well liked, simultaneously continuing the story from the first and adding in new characters and challenges for the women (and Marc Maron's Sam).

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But apparently, that second season almost didn't happen at all. According to TV Line, Netflix execs behind-the-scenes had "serious conversations" about not renewing the show due to low viewership. The unnamed source claimed that it was the "tech side" vs. "the Hollywood side" on the issue, and in the end, the creatives won out.  The article goes on to say that at least part of the reason for this was in order to maintain a good relationship with Kohan, who felt that the way the service chose to market Season 1 was to blame for low ratings.

Because Netflix famously doesn't share its numbers with the public (or the press, for that matter), the alleged ratings can't be confirmed. And it's hard to imagine that the show really did that poorly - the reviews speak for themselves. But again, it's not as though this can ever be verified, and the hope is that Season 3 can pick things up even more.

Speaking of the third season, it looks as though it will be a bit of a twist for fans. The finale of Season 2 saw the ladies headed for Las Vegas, which is where the actual show took place. Instead of airing as a TV series, GLOW is set to become a live show in Vegas, which brings even more excitement and possibilities to the world. Season 3 was announced in August, and, if the pattern in place continues, will likely begin streaming sometime in June 2019.

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Source: TV Line

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