'Global Frequency' Comic Getting TV Adaptation from 'Farscape' Creator

While Marvel Studios continues to make a killing on the big screen with their ongoing interconnected cinematic universe, DC Entertainment has been very busy lately as well, not only with preparing their Justice League films for the coming years, but also with releasing a number of new series for TV.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Television, the production company responsible for Arrow recently debuted The Flash on The CW, Gotham on FOX and Constantine on NBC. Meanwhile, WBTV-DC's iZombie is scheduled for midseason on The CW, and next year will hopefully see the premieres of Supergirl on CBS, Titans on TNT, and Lucifer on Fox. And now there's one more DC Comics property hoping to get in on all the action.

Deadline reports that Farscape and Defiance creator Rockne S. O’Bannon is adapting Warren Ellis' graphic novel Global Frequency for Fox. Warner Bros. TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, along with Jonathan Littman, Ellis and O'Bannon, will executive produce the drama.

In the comic, the Global Frequency is a covert intelligence organization headed by Miranda Zero to protect and rescue the world from various secret government projects. There are reportedly 1001 people on the Global Frequency, each with their own specialized skills in a variety of areas, who communicate using special video phones connected to a central system monitored by a young woman named Aleph.

This is not the first time Global Frequency has been adapted for TV. In 2005, Michelle Forbes (The Killing) and Josh Hopkins (Cougar Town) starred in a pilot for The WB that wasn't picked up to series, and there was even another script developed four years later for The CW. You can watch some clips from the original pilot above to get a feel for the comic and what a future TV series might entail.

Global Frequency is sort of unique in that the comic only features two main characters, Miranda and Aleph. The rest are seen on an issue by issue basis. The twelve-part limited series is also told with standalone stories, so the reader can pick up any issue and know what's going on. Of course, when adapting the material for TV, one assumes an ongoing mythology or narrative will be added to the standalone stories.

Stay tuned for more as we keep you updated with the latest on Global Frequency.

Source: Deadline

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