Glenn Close Stars In Amazon Zombie Pilot Sea Oak

After five years away from TV shows award-winning actress Glenn Close is to return to the small screen, and this time she'll apparently be one of the undead. Close is tipped to star in a new pilot for a comedy show from Amazon called Sea Oak, which is being described as being "a mix of zombie drama and family revenge comedy".

Although Close will be forever associated with her role as the vengeful Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction, her most recent TV work in Damages earned her two Emmy wins (and four total nominations) for her part as Patty Hewes, not to mention a Golden Globe. Since she left her role in 2012, she has appeared in a number of high-profile feature films including Guardians of the Galaxy and Warcraft. One of her more recent appearances was that of Dr. Caroline Caldwell, a pivotal role in the British zombie thriller The Girl with All the Gifts. This might have had an element of foreshadowing to it, because Close will now be embracing non-life in her next TV role.

THR reports that the actress will take on her first TV role (apart from Homer's Mom in The Simpsons) since Damages, and will be playing a character called Aunt Bernie. She is described as a meek and unsatisfied woman with no husband or children. When her small house in Rust Belt City is subjected to a home invasion, she dies in tragic circumstances. But that's not the end of Bernie as she wills herself back to life, now driven by rage and injustice. Suddenly one of the walking dead, she's determined to live the life she should have had when she was ... alive. With no immediate family, she imposes herself on a collection of distant relations, including a stripper nephew and some feckless nieces, and all they all live in the run-down complex of Sea Oak.

Glenn Close in Damages

The show is just a half-hour pilot, but it could result in a regular TV role for Close once again, and from that synopsis it's clear that we're not in the realms of flesh-eating grittiness here. There's likely to be a high level of satire and comedy rather than gore, but given Close's lead role and her previous choice in projects, it's clear that this has promise to be at least something different from your average show about the living dead.

Close will not be the first A-list Hollywood actress to show her inner zombie on TV screens, as Drew Barrymore recently had some success playing an undead realtor in Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, and obviously the fad for showing all the different aspects for these type of monsters is clearly not diminishing. That said, we have high hopes for this, especially with Close in the lead role. We'll keep you updated with any further news of Sea Oak in the meantime.

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Source: THR

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