Glee: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Anyone who ever sat down to watch an episode or two of Glee knew that the show was full of awesome actors, many of whom were triple threats since they can act, sing, and dance. There were also many fantastic and moving song and dance numbers.

But something else that this show did not seem to lack is storylines that were not very consistent, which left a lot of fans confused. One of them was what happened to Lauren Zizes after she dumped Puck and left the glee club. Zizes was a major part of the story for a while, but she was quickly forgotten about, despite appearing in few more episodes later on. Here are just a few other things the show forgot about.

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10 Quinn Stayed With Mercedes For A While, But Somehow That Didn’t Improve Their Relationship

When Quinn found herself in some hot water with her parents after she told them she was pregnant, Mercedes let her stay at her family’s house. Though the two of them were friendly to one another (for the most part) throughout the show, this is a storyline that seemed to be forgotten.

What makes it even worse is that Quinn never thanked Mercedes for doing something so kind. Her lack of a “thank you” was even pointed out in the show, but otherwise, the entire thing was never mentioned again, and the relationship between Quinn and Mercedes never really became better.

9 One Of Finn’s Friends Was Only Mentioned In One Episode

In the eighteenth episode of season one, which is called “Laryngitis,” Rachel meets one of Finn’s friends, who only appears once. At this point in the show, Rachel is very upset because she needs to have surgery, and she thinks it will affect her voice, which could result in her not being able to sing anymore.

In an attempt to show that she has more to offer than her voice, Finn introduces her to Sean, who is a close friend that can no longer play football due to an injury. But later episodes show that Rachel has not changed a bit, and Sean was totally left behind because he is never seen on the show again.

8 Terri Drugged The Glee Club

Before Will and Terri Schuester split up, she gave the glee club members a certain substance that was meant to make them more alert, since they were pretty tired. Terri was able to do this because she was hired as the school nurse, and of course, she was later fired for this incident.

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This entire episode just showed how ridiculous Glee was at times, since Terri was able to get the job without having any previous medical experience. One would think that this would have been a bigger issue, but it was never brought up again in later episodes. Terri was a terrible person, but this seemed pretty low, even for her.

7 Kurt Didn’t Stay With The Football Team Very Long

At one point in the show, Kurt becomes a kicker for the football team in order to impress his father, but then he ditches them. In an episode called “Preggers,” there is a particularly exciting moment where Kurt and the rest of the football team dance to the song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” because he needs to hear that song in order to deliver the best performance on the field.

This was a huge moment in the show, and it was probably one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series. But for whatever reason, Kurt no longer wanted to be a part of the team after that, so he joined the Cheerios, which he also abandoned.

6 Sue Had A Baby

Sue Sylvester had a baby, and she got very little attention in the show. This is pretty weird, considering the fact that Sue is one of the leading characters in the show. Usually, when a prominent character in a television series has a baby, it becomes quite a big deal.

But that wasn’t the case here. In the third season of Glee, Sue was seen with a baby bump, but the child was born off the screen. Robin makes one appearance in the fourth season of the show, but much like Sean, she never showed up a second time. The only time anyone spoke of her again was when reporter Geraldo Rivera mentioned her in the final season.

5 Sunshine Had As Much Talent As Rachel, But She Was Not Seen Again After Season Two

Sunshine Corazon had as much talent as Rachel, but she was only on the show for one season. All of the members of New Directions were very talented, but the show seemed to primarily focus on Rachel’s vocal abilities.

But Sunshine comes along in the second season, and Rachel treats her poorly because she feels that Sunshine is a threat, which is why Sunshine joins a different glee club.

But since Sunshine was one of the most talented characters on the show, it really seems a bit strange that she was never in it again after season two. The writers definitely could have expanded on her story a bit.

4 Kurt Had A Crush On Finn, Which Fizzled Out Rather Quickly

Much of the first season focused on the fact that Kurt was crushing on Finn, but that is another storyline that was never given a proper ending. Kurt had such a huge crush on Finn that he basically began stalking him. They got into an argument, and suddenly those feelings disappeared.

They made up, but Kurt’s feelings for Finn were gone. It probably would have been all right to end that storyline this way if they did not become step-brothers later on, but that whole thing just made it even weirder. It’s almost like the writers forgot about Kurt’s feelings in season one altogether.

3 Quinn Had A Secret Past That Was Only Mentioned Once

It seems that everyone in the show forgot about Quinn’s past. In a two-part episode called “Born This Way,” everyone at William McKinley High found out that Quinn’s first name is actually Lucy, and she used to be overweight.

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Nobody (except for Quinn) knew about this until Lauren made posters with an old photo of Quinn and placed them all over the school. This is also when everyone found out her old nickname was “Lucy Caboosey.”

In a surprising twist, Quinn was okay with this. But, it seems strange that no one ever referenced her past, or her real name, ever again.

2 Sue Became Her Own Spouse

Sue married herself, and somehow that was not a big deal, and it’s another plotline the writers left behind. Sue, who always seemed to be up to something really odd (and usually cruel) in Glee, hardly ever seemed interested in being in a relationship with anyone.

That is fine, but things got weird when a large part of one episode was focused on Sue marrying herself. In true Sue style, she even did it while wearing a wedding dress that was made out of a blue tracksuit.

This was a really strange thing to do, even for Sue. Viewers should have at least been told why she did it.

1 Quinn Had A Punk Phase

Quinn had a punk phase, but then it disappeared a few episodes later. Her drastic change shocked a lot of people, but it was kind of understandable. She had just given birth to a baby that she had to give up, so she was feeling a bit of anger over the whole thing.

But it was a very extreme change. All of a sudden, Quinn did not like dancing or singing, which was something she was quite fond of when she was pregnant.

That didn’t last long, though. She abandoned her punk look a few episodes later. It almost seemed as though it never happened in the first place.

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