‘Glee’ Creators Collaborate on New 'American Horror Story' for FX

Television hit-makers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are returning to FX with American Horror Story.

If you're questioning whether the duo can pull off a horror series on cable, then let me remind you Murphy and Falchuk tested the limits of television censors for six seasons with Nip/Tuck on FX. While it’s hard to believe the cutesy high school shenanigans of Glee sprang from the same minds that channeled the graphic guilty pleasure that was Nip/Tuck, it does suggest these guys have an inordinate amount of range -- a fact that bodes well for fans of the horror genre.

Right now, details on American Horror Story are scarce, but FX president John Landgraf seems very optimistic.

“American Horror Story is a wildly brilliant, original series. Ryan and Brad, who created it together, are evil geniuses.”

According to Murphy, FX is the perfect place for his newest creation, which means American Horror Story is more likely to skew toward the Nip/Tuck fan base - rather than that of Glee.

“We knew this project was perfect for FX. That network put itself on the map for its big, bold, some might say slightly twisted shows, and the creative freedom we had on Nip/Tuck was incredibly liberating. John immediately got what we were trying to do, which was bring the horror genre to television but with our own subversive sensibilities. And we couldn’t be more excited to get started.”


Murphy and Falchuk's NipTuck and Glee

Murphy will be directing the pilot, which looks to begin shooting in April. As production approaches, we’re certain to get a better sense of the proposed series through casting details. Any fan of a horror project knows that teenage characters have long been a genre staple, so will this show be looking to take some of Glee’s casting run-off and place them in harm’s way? Certainly the flock of young actors Murphy and Falchuk have amassed on Glee will provide them with a veritable trove of choices should American Horror Story take that well-trodden route. Then again, perhaps working with that many bubbly, young actors was the impetus for a horror program.

As far as writing and producing partners go, Murphy and Falchuk are 1-for-2 in my book. Nip/Tuck was an often-fascinating program to watch – if for nothing else than to catch a glimpse of the dark and edgy world the show established, but I have yet to wholeheartedly jump aboard the Glee bandwagon - though there are plenty of fans, and critics, that tout the show as one of the best programs currently on TV.

The possibilities of American Horror Story have certainly grabbed my attention.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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