• 20 Mistakes In Glee Only True Fans Noticed

    All the way from "Don't Stop Believing" to "I Lived", the cast of Glee inspired fans to be true to themselves and to care for others. When comparing Glee to other shows geared at young adults, it certainly had the best message. Combine this with relatable characters, hilarious dialogue and beautiful musical performances and it is understandable why it was such a phenomenon during its run. Despite all of the wonderful things that Glee accomplished in terms of equality, it is not immune to experiencing the same errors that other television shows have to deal with.

    When it comes to running a show of the magnitude of Glee, it is understandable that some things slip by writers and producers. Even some of the greatest shows on television have the odd error in their episodes. If the vast majority of the show is good quality, shouldn't all be forgiven? Do the producers really deserve a slushie in the face?

    However, there are some instances where basic continuity and understanding of a character is forgotten. Most of these instances are small and would not be caught by a casual viewer. Thankfully, Glee was not only viewed by casual television watchers, but by a fierce following of Gleeks. True Glee fans know the show inside and out, and are able to quickly spot if anything is out of place.

    Here are 20 Mistakes In Glee Only True Fans Noticed.

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    Sugar’s Bad Singing Disappears

    Sugar Motta was certainly never winning any popularity contests. She was also not poised to win any singing competition either, but it seems Ryan Murphy forgot that point. When Sugar is first introduced in season three, she is not able to carry a tune at all. In fact, she is one of the only people to be rejected from the Glee Club, but ends up joining anyways. Despite having one of the worst voices at McKinley, she was allowed to perform with the group at various competitions.

    Instead of continuing on with her awful singing voice (to match her awful personality), this aspect was dropped from her character. While never given a solo, she is featured in all-female numbers frequently, including close-ups of her singing. Unless her rich father paid for vocal surgery, it seems that showrunners forgot that she was supposed to be tone-deaf.

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    Artie’s Age Doesn’t Add Up

    The backstory of Artie's disability is not as well-developed in the series as other character arcs. Especially when it comes to maintaining continuity. The season one episode "Wheels" dives a little deeper in to how Artie ended up in a wheelchair following a car accident when he was eight years old.

    While telling Tina his story, he mentions that he has been in a wheelchair for eight years, making his age sixteen.

    While this normally would not raise a red flag, true fans noticed that this did not add up with Artie's eventual graduation. It is later established that Artie is a year younger than other Glee Club members like Finn and Rachel. Yet given his age at the start of the series, he should have been poised to graduate at the same time as them. It's a small mistake, but one that shows Artie's true place in the series' history.

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    Kurt Claims He Hasn’t Seen Blaine Without Hair Gel Before

    Kurt and Blaine quickly became one of Glee's best couples in the eyes of fans, but they are not immune to a simple mistake from the writers. Brittany's dinosaur-themed prom in the third season incorporates all aspects of pre-historic life, including a ban on hair products. Considering that Blaine uses approximately sixty-five ounces of gel a day, he is very worried about everyone seeing him without product. To his own horror, he attends prom without it and everyone (including Kurt) is very shocked.

    It may not look pretty, but it is certainly not new information  Blaine has been seen several times before without hair gel - during Rachel's basement party and the "I Can't Go For That"/"You Make My Dreams" mash-up from the "Mash Off" episode.

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    Finn’s Memorial Mistake

    There are very sadder television episodes than Glee's "The Quarterback". The season five tribute episode to both Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith was meant to be closure for fans following the departure of their hero. With so many beautiful performances and songs, it is a shame that there was an error for fans to catch. Following all of the emotional performances, a memorial plaque featuring Finn is placed in the choir room. This beautiful memorial features a quote by Finn from the first season, as well as his life span of 1994-2013, making him 19 years old.

    In episodes from the previous season, Sue refers to Finn as being 19 years old, meaning that he would have needed to be born in 1993.

    Despite this error in math, there were very few people able to catch this mistake, as they were all too busy wiping away tears.

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    "Marry You" Singing Does Not Sync

    For a show that spends so much time on the production of their performances, they sure do let things slip through the cracks. Glee's first wedding of the series features Finn's mother Carol and Kurt's father Burt getting hitched, with the entire New Directions singing them down the aisle. The wedding staple "Marry You" by Bruno Mars is the song of choice, with the entire group spinning and jumping down the aisle.

    While this paints a beautiful picture, it seems that someone fell asleep at the wheel while editing the performance. During the final shots of Carole making her way down the aisle, the group is visible singing in the background. The audio is not even close to matching up with the lyrics they are singing.

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    Figgin’s List Of Approved Songs Is Ignored

    When a principal of a school hands down orders to a faculty member, they usually need to be followed. It seems that Principal Figgins' authority is not like in other schools, as his orders are directly disobeyed. Following their steamy rendition of "Push It" in front of the entire school, Figgins provides Will with a "family-friendly" approved list of songs that the Glee Club can perform. This list obviously severely limits which songs the group can perform, but Will unfortunately accepts it. However, the list would not be around very long.

    Only two episodes later, the New Directions performs "Somebody to Love" at their first Invitational performance.

    Their song choices would only continue to veer off of Figgins' list from this point, with absolutely no repercussions.

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    Rachel’s Bedroom Doors Switch

    Maintaining the continuity of the set of a television show is something diehard fans notice instantly. If a prop or piece of the room is different from week-to-week, someone will be writing about it online. To have an entire part of the room change without notice is just poor planning.

    The layout of Rachel Berry's bedroom seems to switch between seasons, and not just in the placement of furniture. During season one, her bathroom is located to the right-hand side of her bed, and no window is present in her room. However, this changes in season two when her bedroom and bathroom doors seemingly switch places, and a window magically appears in front of her desk. Is it possible that her fathers did some renovations? Perhaps, but not ones that changed around the entire house!

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    Finn Does Not Change His Music Sheets

    The cast of Glee have been touted as some of the most hard-working actors in television. However, when one of their characters is given a song that they have never heard before, it would be nice if they could act as if it was brand new. When Finn and Rachel are performing the song "Smile", Rachel hands him some music sheets in order to perform with her. Seemingly this would mean he would have to reference the sheets often, right?

    Instead of frantically changing pages, Finn remains on one page of music for the entire two minute song.

    Given the amount of music and lyrics in the song, it is highly unlikely that they are all contained on one page. It is much more likely that he forgot to turn them.

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    Will’s Vest When He First Met Emma
    Glee Will Schuester

    Will Scheuster's affinity for vests is well documented. Since his first appearance on the show, he is seen as an impeccably well-dressed teacher. Given the sheer amount of vests that he must own, it stands to reason that he would forget the significance of some of them.

    Emma directly states in the episode Funeral that Will's blue-grey patterned vest is the one that he was wearing when they first met. However when a flashback to that time is shown, Will is clearly wearing a brown vest. Normally Emma's OCD makes her a reliable source for these types of details, however this error is rather blatant. Perhaps is Will owned any other types of clothing, then this gaff could have been avoided by the producers.

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    Finn Says He Auditioned For The Glee Club

    Despite all of the wholesome messages of Glee, there sure were a lot of scenes that just did not make sense-- especially with how close the teachers and students were. For the strangest example of this, look no further than Will's introduction to Finn.

    Upon hearing Finn's singing voice while he is showering, Will recruits him to the Glee Club.

    The most often forgotten part of this story is that Will actually blackmails him to join the group. It also seems that Finn and the producers forgot this fact as well. While explaining his origins to the newer Glee Club members, Finn says that he auditioned with a Grease song back in 2009. Perhaps he did not want to mention the awkward moment of his teacher listening to him sing in the shower?

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    Rachel's Awful Dancing At NYADA

    Rachel's journey to joining the New York Acting and Dance Academy following her high school graduation is filled with highs and lows. The most negative part of her journey is when she encounters Cassandra July, her dance teacher. From day one, Cassandra is hell-bent on ensuring that Rachel is run out of the school. Rachel certainly does her part, as her dancing when joining the classes is awful.

    The real question is - why is her dancing so terrible after so many years of dance lessons? Apart from being a formidable dancer while in high school, she is also shown attending ballet classes while singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". She may have been nervous entering college, but that does not excuse this blatant character error.

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    Ryder Quits The Glee Club, But Doesn't

    The newer members of New Directions were certainly not the most popular members of the show. In fact, many of them did not make it past their first season. Blake Jenner's Ryder Lynn was almost the first one to leave the Glee Club, but it seems that both he and the producers forgot about his promise to leave the group.

    Following a drawn-out storyline involving Ryder being "catfished" by Unique, he is so angry and exclaims that he is leaving for good.

    However, "for good" appears to only be as long as the winter break, as he is back in the club without mention during the next episode. It makes sense that if the characters were not well received that the showrunners would look to remove them, but to disregard a storyline completely and hope that audiences will forget about it is a definite mistake.

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    "Roar" Came Out In August 2013

    Are you a Katy or a Gaga? It seems that the writers should be checking in on their music history instead of thinking about classifications. It was certainly one of the more forgettable numbers during the latter half of Glee's run when the New Directions performed Katy Perry's "Roar". Despite it being less-than-stellar, it also appears to be a lesson in time travel by the group.

    Based on this episode airing shortly after the group went to Spring Formal, it means that this performance would have been during springtime. Since Katy Perry only released "Roar' in August of 2013, how would the group know the lyrics so well? Either Katy Perry leaked the song accidentally, or Ryan Murphy forgot to check in on release dates.

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    Sam Is Supposed To Be Left-Handed
    Sam from Glee

    To have one slip of character continuity over the course of six seasons is forgivable. Running a show with such a large cast must have been difficult. To directly contradict a character's statement is just poor planning.

    In a throwaway statement during the episode "100", Sam Evans mentions that he is left-handed.

    However, anytime that Sam is seen writing in classes, he is using his right hand. Furthermore, even in this episode he is seen writing with his right hand. Is it possible that Sam is ambidextrous? Possibly, but he may not even know what that word means. Perhaps producers did not think fans would notice, but the entire premise of the series takes place inside of classrooms!

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    Shelby Forgets Why She Gave Rachel Away

    Broadway fans everywhere rejoiced when Idina Menzel was cast as Rachel's biological mother. Not only because they look strikingly similar to each other, but because it meant that the world would hear her singing voice on TV. Years before "Let It Go" became popular, she would sing her heart out on Glee. Unfortunately, it seems that she may have forgotten exactly what separated her from her daughter.

    In the pilot episode, Rachel establishes that her two fathers had a surrogate give birth to her. Upon first appearing, Shelby confirms this and says that she regrets giving Rachel away. However, in later episodes she says that she regrets putting Rachel up for adoption. If she had willingly become a surrogate, that does not count as adoption. While parting away with her biological daughter must have been difficult, she should get her story straight.

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    Rachel Says Her Family Never Cooks

    It seems that Rachel's character is never exactly able to tell a straight story about her family life. Overlooking the fact that her two fathers look completely different from the pilot episode, there are some continuity errors that are never addressed.

    Rachel's status as a spoiled, only child is well established. Her fathers did all they could to set her up for success, including being "committed exclusively to take-out" food and never cook at home, which she enjoys being spoiled by. If that is the case, how are her and family such adept cooks?  Rachel is seen baking numerous times for the Glee Club members, and it seems to taste good.

    Her fathers cook a venison dinner for Finn's family, which is not a dish to be taken lightly.

    Perhaps they thought no one would notice, but that is what true fans do.

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    Will And Terry In High School

    There is no doubt in fan's minds that Terri Schuester became one of the craziest characters on the show. Most of things she did were morally reprehensible, but Will seemed to love her due to their relationship in high school. Or did he? When Will talks about Terri during the first season of the show, he fondly remembers their relationship as youths. They were high school sweethearts who loved each other, but seemed to grow apart in adulthood. Will becomes unhappy with how much Terri has changed, and misses how they used to be.

    However, in later seasons he mentioned that he always had trouble dealing with Terri. He even confesses that he used to drink heavily in order to deal with her. That does not sound like a happy couple. Which one is it, Will?

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    Artie’s Disappearing Wheels

    Having an able-bodied actor portray a character in a wheelchair was a difficult undertaking, but Kevin McHale received a lot of praise for how he portrayed a member of the disabled community. Unfortunately, that does not mean he was immune to making wheelchair-based mistakes. When Artie is performing his first solo on the show in "Wheels", he performs numerous wheelies and tricks while in his chair. While someone who is proficient in performing these tricks may not require assistance, McHale did.

    The protective wheels at the back of a wheelchair which prevent it from falling over are visible each time he performs a trick.

    However, when he is riding normally, these wheels do not exist. While instituting measures to keep an actor safe is a good practice, the continuity error is blatant.

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    Finn In Two Places At Once

    With so many characters to look at in each scene, it must be difficult to pin-point where they are supposed to be in each scene. However, it should not be possible for someone to be in two places at once. During the group performance of "Beth" in "Theatricality", the guys perform a song which Puck dedicates to Quinn. The number is enough to bring Quinn to tears, and ends up inspiring the name of their unborn child. While this is a very touching moment, no one seems to notice that Finn is actually in two places at once.

    He is visible simultaneously singing the song with the rest of the guys, but in a blink-and-you-miss-it shot, he is also visible with the group sitting behind Quinn. The Lady Gaga-inspired episode does show off some cooky things, but time travel should not be one of them.

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    Countdown Clock During Basketball "Hell-O"

    Glee is not a show about sports. Some of the characters happen to be involved in extra-curricular activities like football and basketball, but it is not focused on the technical aspects of games. However, it would be nice if the basic parameters of games were adhered to.

    While Finn is being shown on a basketball losing-streak in the episode "Hell-O", the elements around him are not cooperating. At one point while dribbling the ball, the countdown clock is set to 0:26. Yet, when he quickly glances at Rachel and gets distracted, he loses the ball. However the clock has now changed to counting down from 0:34. It is simple things like this that regular viewers do not notice, but the true fans will catch.


    Know of any other mistakes on Glee? Let us know in the comments!

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