• Glee: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Finn And Rachel’s Relationship

    Glee's main focus as a television show was on the New Directions Glee Club overcoming the obstacles in front of them. Overcoming the adversity thrown at them from naysayers made the show extremely popular. It was also their portrayal of high school students in a relatable manner which made fans continue to tune in. Being able to depict real-life situations in a proper manner on television is important in getting fans to truly fall in love with a show. Glee was able to accomplish this by having relatable characters go through experiences that fans could connect with.

    Given the fact that Glee took place mainly in high school, the topic of romance was most prominent. The main relationship between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry took center stage. Their on-again-off-again status kept fans hooked and hoping that they would end up together in the end. While personal tragedy hindered this from occurring, fans still got to enjoy their love affair over many seasons. However, despite them being so lovable, their relationship was not always sunshine and rainbows.

    There are numerous instances of jealousy, anger, and nonsense which cast a shadow over Finn and Rachel. Some things can be chalked up to their characters being young and immature, but some of these things make absolutely no sense at all. One minute they will be running hot for each other, and the next be completely distant. Sometimes Rachel's ego gets in the way, and other times Finn will do something out of left field. The world may have loved them together, but some things cannot be explained.

    Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Finn And Rachel’s Relationship:

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    They Never Try And Date While Single

    For all of their "soulmate" talk, they never did give their relationship a very clean start. The pilot episode of Glee firmly established the chemistry between Rachel and Finn, and fans began rooting for them from the beginning. However, their main obstacle was Finn's relationship with Quinn. While they both realize that they belonged together, this would become a common theme in their relationship.

    Many relationships were cast aside in favor of Finn and Rachel being together, including those with Quinn, Puck and Jesse.

    Each time that Finn and Rachel decide to be together, it ends up breaking up another one of their relationships. While fans universally agree that they should have been together, they always did it at the expense of others.

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    They Never Lasted An Entire Season Together

    Despite being heralded as one of the greatest couples on the show, they do not have a great track record. In fact, they spend more time apart than together. Out of Glee's six seasons, Finn and Rachel are never together for one from beginning to end. They may begin a season in a relationship together, but they will surely break up before it ends.

    For example, they may have started out season two in a relationship, but were broken up by episode nine. Their on-again-off-again status puts them in the same company as Friends' Ross and Rachel, but their relationship has many more swings than misses It almost seems as though Rachel prefers the drama of constant break-ups, which is certainly possible given her personality for the theatrical.

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    Rachel Doesn't Respect Finn's Future

    Finn's lack of direction following high school does not leave him in a good place. He was a below-average student, and did not seem particularly interested in pursuing a career in the Arts either. Frankly, he seemed entirely content with staying in Lima and working in his step-father's garage. Once he had finally settled on that as a potential future career, shouldn't that make everyone around him happy?

    Rachel considers Finn's future plans unacceptable and pushes very hard for him to go to college.

    She has already mapped out her post-McKinley life, and expects that he will follow her to New York. However, she never takes his feelings in to account. While Rachel's drive is commendable, she should have spent more time thinking about what Finn wanted.

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    He Does Not Support Her At NYADA

    While Rachel is not exactly the most supportive girlfriend to Finn, he should not be winning any relationship awards either. Season four saw Rachel begin her time as a student at NYADA, but did not feature Finn until later on. The reason for this is because he did not go to New York with her, and instead left her to join the army.

    While he may have left for noble personal reasons, he was not thinking about his girlfriend at all. Rachel is lonely and scared when she first arrives in New York, and could certainly have used Finn's security the most. However, she does not hear from him for several months, even though he stays in contact with Kurt. This is ultimately what pushes her more towards Brody, and away from Finn.

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    He Lied About His “First Time”

    A very big deal is made about the Glee character's "first time" with someone. While certainly a very personal and intimate act, Finn did not respect how much this means to others. Finn and Rachel may not have been together when he got with Santana in "The Power of Madonna", but he was not forthcoming with the information. In fact, he blatantly omitted iy. Meanwhile, Rachel was saving herself for him, but he continued to withhold the information.

    Ultimately, this was the catalyst for their first break-up, and it is a perfectly understandable reason.

    Relationships are built on trust, and Finn did not care that he was lying to his girlfriend about something incredibly meaningful. Finn may not have enjoyed his time with Santana, which makes his lies even less understandable.

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    He Wanted To Use Her For A Music Scholarship

    While they became a fixture of the show, the humble beginnings of Finn and Rachel's relationship are unfortunately paved with deceit. From the moment she heard Finn sing, Rachel admitted that she was in love with him. However, he did not develop feelings for her until later on. In fact, he tried to use her feelings for him to further his career in the entertainment industry.

    Finn thought that if he was able to succeed in Glee Club that it may get him a music scholarship after high school. In order to ensure he was successful, he took Rachel out on a date and made moves on her. However when Rachel learns that he does not actually have feelings for her, she slaps him across the face. It wasn't exactly a shining moment in their early history together.

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    Rachel Tried To Make Finn Choose Between Her And Football

    If Rachel had her way early on, Finn would not be known as the Quarterback. After a falling-out with Coach Beiste, Finn is removed from the football team. Naturally, Finn is devastated as football is a big part of his life.

    Wouldn't it make sense for his girlfriend to comfort him during his time of need?

    Unfortunately, Rachel decides to do the opposite. Rachel is pleased that he is no longer a part of the football team, as she is worried that it increases the likelihood of him cheating on her with a Cheerio. Finn cannot believe that she is pleased with him being unhappy, and it causes a big argument. Rachel has always been self-centered, but this instance was a new low for her.

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    She Wrecked His Relationship With Quinn

    Quinn's time on Glee was never filled with happiness. In fact, she rarely ever experienced a "win" throughout all her time at McKinley, except for when she is first introduced as the Head Cheerio dating the quarterback of the football team. However, Rachel was there to ensure that Quinn wouldn't be happy again.

    While Quinn does not get away without blame for her situation, Rachel also played a part. Quinn had planned on telling Finn that the baby she was pregnant with was not his, and if she was allowed to it may have salvaged their relationship. However, Rachel took it upon herself to slip to Finn that Quinn has been intimate with Puck. It was obvious that Rachel did this in order to make Finn available, but her meddling was the beginning of Quinn's hardship.

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    Finn Loses Two Girlfriends To Puck

    When it comes to maintaining a relationship, Finn seems to have one kryptonite - Noah Puckerman. Each time that Finn feels that things are going successfully with a girl, Lima's resident bad boy rears his head. While Puck has proved to be even worse of a boyfriend than Finn, he seems to manage to get in the middle of Finn's relationships. First, he gets Quinn pregnant while she is dating Finn. Following that, he was even involved with Rachel on two separate occasions as well.

    While Puck's relationship with Rachel was only fleeting, it must have stung to know that they were involved.

    Puck may have ultimately ended up with Quinn, but Finn must have always remembered that he was with Rachel as well.

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    When Rachel Meets Finn's Paralyzed Friend

    Glee used their episodes to teach lessons to the characters about a variety of issues. But it seems that Rachel Berry is the one that needed the lessons most. During the episode "Laryngitis", Rachel is battling having her tonsils removed when she comes down with a cold. Naturally, she assumes that the world is going to end and that nothing could be worse. In an effort to show her how bad things could be, they visit Finn's friend Sean, who became paralyzed following a hit in a football game.

    While this does put things into perspective for Rachel, it is one of the most cringeworthy moments of the show. The fact that she needs to meet someone who is paraplegic to not be self-centered is not an endearing quality.

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    He Did Not Need To “Set Her Free”

    While they may have never lasted an entire season in a relationship together, this was often their own fault. Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married. However, Finn feels that Rachel is only settling for him and that their marriage would hinder her success at NYADA. So instead of getting married, he puts her on a train to New York and does not follow her. His intention was to "set her free" from him so she can pursue her dreams of stardom in New York.

    Want to know what would have been a better decision? Talking to each other like adults to determine what would have been best.

    Finn did not need to dramatically send her away-- they could have worked something out together.

    Instead, they threw their relationship away and never recovered.

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    Rachel Makes Herself Sick to Attract Finn

    Upon first meeting Rachel during season one, she admits she has little experience with boys. In fact, it is possible that Finn is her first serious boyfriend. This could be the explanation for why her attraction tactics are not very good.

    In an effort to attract Finn, Rachel is desperate to have him notice her over Quinn. In a scene which is often forgotten about, Rachel attempts to force herself to vomit in order to lose weight and appear more attractive to Finn. Thankfully, Emma Pillsbury stops her and informs her of other ways to be noticed. Considering Rachel's status as a role model during the later seasons, this uncomfortable moment is likely something showrunners would like to forget.

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    She Forgets Their Relationship Too Quickly in New York

    Only weeks after almost getting married, Rachel is very quick to forget the "love of her life." Moving to New York and attending NYADA brings about a lot of new experiences for Rachel, not limited to getting a makeover. While her fashion sense in high-school is described as being dressed by a "blind Sunday school teacher," it is a part of her personality. However, upon transferring to NYADA Rachel wants to update her style to seem more grown-up.

    Her journey of personal growth is commendable, however it causes her to fully forget about her relationship with Finn.

    Her new style of dress gives her more confidence, but things go too far when she kisses Brody. Changing a style of dressing is fine, but changing your values and personality is another story.

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    She Leaves Him In Bed After “I Do”

    Following their relationship being left in limbo after "Breakup", Finn and Rachel never officially get back together before his passing. However, they do share an intimate night together during "I Do" after performing Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonite". Unfortunately, this would be the last time they are together. What makes this moment even more crushing is that Rachel did not even stay with him afterwards.

    Before Finn wakes up, she sneaks out of the room quietly.

    While this would have been a beautiful opportunity for them to get back together, it was not in the cards at the time. However, it seems that all fans of the show wish that this was the moment they would have decided to stay together.

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    She Does Not Tell Him About Her Pregnancy Scare

    Not only does Rachel decide to leave the room after her last night with Finn, but she also keeps a big secret from him. Following the events of "I Do", Rachel is seen frantically calculating dates on a calendar before taking a pregnancy test. While they are both consenting adults before getting together and the timeframe suggests that she was worried about it being Brody's child, she does not inform Finn.

    With their relationship in a state of fluctuation, a pregnancy would have caused a serious issue-- particularly if it was not his child. As Finn passed away not too long after this, she was never able to share this news with him. While it is unlikely that the baby would have been his anyway, it is strange that he would not be aware what she was going through.

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    They Both Were Involved With Their Teachers

    Glee has explored some strange relationships over the years. None are stranger than when a teacher gets involved with a student.

    A very strange thing about Finn and Rachel is that they each had a level of romance with a staff member of McKinley.

    Early on in the series, Rachel develops a crush on Will Schuester, and is infatuated with how he performs. This even gets to the point of them awkwardly singing a duet of "Endless Love" together. While the relationship does not for any further than that, it is very cringeworthy. Furthermore, Finn also kisses Emma at one point. While he does this in an effort to calm her down, it was very awkward as she was engaged to Will at the time.

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    He Broke Her Nose

    This is certainly not a moment either of them would like to remember. While entirely an accident which stemmed from Finn's miserable dancing ability, he winds up breaking Rachel's nose in "Born This Way". Finn's dancing has never been pretty to look at, but this is the first time it resulted in bodily harm.

    Anytime that there is something which may affect Rachel's singing ability, it becomes the end of the world. There is no shortage of drama here either, as she considers having a rhinoplasty to fix what she considers a flaw. Ultimately, she decides against the surgery and heals fine, but surely she was afraid of Finn's dancing anytime they were on stage together.

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    They Didn’t Go To Prom Together

    They may have been meant to be together, but they missed out on a big milestone together. Despite being in a relationship, they did not attend their senior prom as a couple. At least, not at first.

    After bombing her NYADA audition, Rachel refuses to go to prom.

    Instead, Finn goes with a wheelchair=bound Quinn in order to help her bid for Prom Queen. Thankfully at the midnight hour, Rachel arrives at prom with Finn and they become crowned Prom King and Queen. Even if it came as a result of some "funny math", they still got to share a beautiful moment together. While the end result is beautiful, they were never able to have the full prom experience together.

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    Rachel's Ulterior Motives

    With most of their relationship occurring during high school, a big focus is put on when Rachel and Finn will be intimate for the first time. However, Rachel and Finn were not very good role models for the topic.

    After being in a relationship together, Finn and Rachel decide that they will take the next physical step. While Finn has nothing but his love for Rachel on his mind, Rachel has other motives. She is secretly hoping that having a physical experience will make her a better actress ahead of her college auditions. Naturally, Finn is appalled by her thought process, and does not go through with the deed. Rachel is one of the most driven characters on television, but this was a new extreme for her. Finn's feelings were not even considered here, which given their time together, does not make any sense.

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    They Did Not End Up Together

    Outside of the show, it may be one of the most tragic Hollywood love stories. Cory Monteith's unexpected passing in 2013 may have deprived the rest of the world of his talent, but it also took away Rachel's quarterback.

    The way that Glee approached both Cory and Finn's death was commendable, and allowed fans to grieve. Lea Michele's haunting rendition of "Make You Feel My Love" was enough to bring everyone to tears. Watching the entire Glee Club cry over their fallen hero was a bleak reminder that he would never make another in-person appearance on the show.

    Despite being universally loved for his time on the show, both the world and Rachel had to go on without him.

    It is well-known that Glee's original ending would have featured Rachel and Finn happy together. Unfortunately, fans can only picture this in their minds.


    What else does add up about Finn and Rachel's relationship in Glee? Let us know in the comments!

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