20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Glee

Although it has only been three years since Glee last appeared on TV, it feels like the musical comedy-drama aired on Fox much longer ago. For six seasons, the New Directions glee club sang their hearts out for their fans, all the while showing the funny, tragic, and weird sides of life at William McKinley High School. Fans followed the highs and lows of these kids-- most of whom were underdogs-- not just through high school, but also later into college and beyond.

Glee gave everyone something to sing about, complete with elaborate music and dance numbers that allowed its cast to show off their many talents. At times, the series also tackled serious social issues, such as bullying, sexual identity and race, in a way that kept fans laughing, crying and singing along. The show was a hit with critics and audiences and ended up with several Emmy nominations and awards, along with a few Golden Globes for its cast and production.

Sure, Glee wasn't always perfect, and when we look back, the series now almost seems outdated with its all-too cheerful attitude. And that's without even considering all its behind-the-scenes drama. Many fans still love Glee, though, and the series remains special in the hearts of those who watched it. It's also become something that newer fans have recently discovered and love.

Despite all that love, though, there are even some things that even the most hardcore Gleeks just don't get.

Here are 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Glee.

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mercedes and puck from Glee
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20 Mercedes and Puck's relationship didn't make sense

mercedes and puck from Glee

Noah Puckerman, aka Puck, was the bad boy that every girl at McKinley High School wanted to get with. Although he started out as the guy who knocked up Quinn Fabray, the other girls in the Glee club couldn't stay away from him. This was weird because Puck gave off the kind of vibes that he was someone who was still in their 20s and hadn't yet managed to graduate from high school. It didn't make a lot of sense.

It got even weirder, though, when Puck decided to woo Mercedes. And it worked! Mercedes had a fling with him, and it just didn't make any sense whatsoever. It just seemed like the show pairing up two straight characters who weren't in relationships.

Fortunately, it was only a fling, and Mercedes kept that relationship short.

19 Nobody was a replacement for Finn

Finn from Glee

After the tragic passing of Cory Monteith, the actor who portrayed Finn on Glee, the writers of the series struggled to fill the void left by his sudden absence. After a tribute episode that left Gleeks crying for days, other male characters came and went throughout the series with storylines similar to Finn's: jocks who had a song in their heart and wanted to sing.

It was obvious from the beginning that there was no replacing Finn: he was one of a kind.

He was also the guy that Rachel would have undoubtedly ended up with if he had not passed away, and seeing Rachel with other guys on the show just never quite felt right.

18 The “original” songs weren't good

Mercedes from Glee

Glee made a name for itself by covering songs of other artists, something the show did extremely well.

It seems like whoever decided to write original songs for the show didn't get what the series was about.

Here's the truth: those original songs were just horrible. Take Mercedes' "Hell to the No" with its cringe-worthy lyrics of "They tried to take away my tots, I said hell to the no." If that doesn't make a fan shake their head, look at the lyrics to "All Or Nothing", which the group sang at the Midwest Regional Championship. It's like something from High School Musical, but not quite so good.

The other original songs also completely fall flat.

17 Santana was actually the most real character

Santana from Glee

Santana might have initially seemed like a mean girl, but there's one thing that made her stand out as one of the best characters on Glee: her brutal honesty.

Sometimes she said things that weren't so nice, but she never once tried to hide exactly what she was thinking, making her the most real character on the show.

Much of Santana's brutal honesty came from her internal struggles, though, and fans eventually realized that she was in the process of coming out as a lesbian. This made her someone that many fans could identify with, and considering how squeaky clean some of the other characters were on the series, Santana was always a breath of fresh air when she was in the room.

16 New Directions weren’t really hated by their whole school

New Directions from Glee

One of the weirdest things about Glee is that the members of New Directions always talked about how everyone at their school hated them, but the truth is that the only group of people that had issues with them were the jocks.

The jocks were the ones throwing slushies at them.

Otherwise, the school supported the glee club way more than it ever took credit for. The New Directions were generally cheered on at each of their performances by their high school peers, and the high school celebrated when they won competitions. So they weren't nearly as hated as they let on. Sure, they were still the underdogs, but not quite as much as they thought.

15 Rachel wasn’t vegan

Rachel Berry from Glee

At the beginning of Glee, the show depicted Rachel Berry as a vegan, which means that she did not eat meat or food derived from animals, such as eggs and milk. Her veganism becomes evident when she takes issue with getting egged by Vocal Adrenaline.

Interestingly enough, that still didn't stop her from eating a pepperoni pizza in another episode, which is probably more due to writers forgetting that she was supposed to be vegan. Then it was later clarified that she is actually a vegetarian, instead, which means that she can still have dairy and eggs.

It seems to be an issue that the writers often forgot about, though, so who really knows for sure?

14 Quinn wasn't always a major character

Quinn Fabray in Glee

Quinn Fabray was one of the principal characters in the first few seasons of Glee. She was the resident mean girl who insisted on celibacy but still somehow wound up getting pregnant with Puck's baby. Her story arc encompassed most of season 1 and much of season 2.

Glee fans might not realize that Quinn barely appeared in the first episode of the series.

That's right: the mean cheerleader who seemed to judge everyone unfairly wasn't really around until later. There was a good reason for this, though: actress Dianna Agron, who portrayed Quinn, didn't get cast until the last minute, meaning that she wasn't around for much of the shooting of the pilot episode.

13 Sue Sylvester was the real star of the series

Sue Sylvester on Glee

Sure, Glee was about a group of teenagers who went on to become the award-winning singing sensations at their school, but they weren't the real stars of the show. For those paying attention, the real star of Glee was Sue Sylvester.

Part of this had everything to do with how actress Jane Lynch stole nearly every scene she appeared in as Sue, but there was also a real focus on her character, too.

Sue was the first character to speak a line in the pilot episode, and also had the last line of the series.

Sue was always the star of the show, and it seems that she, along with the writers, knew it.

12 Glee is not really a true musical

Glee New Directions

Although many might believe that Glee would fit the definition of a musical, it doesn't. Sure, characters break out into song throughout each episode of the series, but Glee was something a little different. According to showrunner Ryan Murphy: "I wanted to do a sort of postmodern musical. Fox was not interested, and neither was I, in doing a show where people burst into song.”

The rules for Glee are different than those in a musical. Song numbers happened onstage as rehearsals or performances, or they existed as a fantasy inside one of the character's heads.

This is different from a Broadway style musical, where the musical numbers are part of the plot and move the plot forward.

11 Mr. Schuester wasn't a great mentor

Glee Will Schuester

Will Schuester was a problematic character, although the series tried to depict him as the "good guy" teacher who could motivate students to do just about anything. In reality, he was a control freak. He was very specific about which songs the kids could sing, and mostly just picked songs that he liked, which is why they covered a lot of classic rock in their performances.

Seriously, what kid wants to sing "Rock The Boat" or "Le Freak?"

Mr. Schuester also had a terrible habit of making everything about him: he often even sang his solos during many of New Directions' songs during rehearsals. He also took credit for much of the glee club's success.

10 Sam's "trouty mouth" was a hit with the girls

When Sam first appeared on Glee, most of the glee club teased him mercilessly about his big lips. Santana even sang a song about it, called "Trouty Mouth". Not only was that incredibly mean, but it was really weird because almost every single original female member of the glee club had a thing with Sam during the course of the series.

None of the fans can forget "Trouty Mouth" but maybe the female glee club members did. 

It's obvious to the viewers that Sam was a handsome guy, attractive enough to hook up with, so why did they make fun of him in the first place?

9 Tina was a mean girl

Glee Blaine Tina and Sam

Although it seemed that Tina was a sympathetic character, underneath her sweet-seeming insecure center was a mean girl. Not only did she fake a stutter for attention, but she always assumed the worst of people and didn't treat others with kindness.

Tina constantly gave Rachel grief over her fashion sense. When Brittany thought she was pregnant and told Tina in confidence about it, Tina didn't keep it a secret and told Puck. It was also odd that she decided to hit on Blaine, knowing that he was gay and still in love with Kurt.

Tina even thought that she was important enough to have an assistant, whom she treated horribly. She was also mean to Mike after her break-up with him.

8 Kurt was too good for Blaine

Glee Blaine and Kurt

Most Glee shippers always put Kurt and Blaine together, in spite of their history. Sure, they seemed like the perfect couple, on the surface, but then Blaine's ugly side began to show.

At one point, Blaine accused Kurt of cheating over a text Kurt had sent. Then Blaine actually did cheat on Kurt and expected Kurt to forgive him for it.

Blaine never took responsibility for the mistakes he made in their relationship, and sweet Kurt just dealt with it and often took the blame, like when Blaine gained weight and he blamed Kurt.

Kurt was always too good for Blaine. He deserved so much better.

7 Marley was underrated

Glee Marley

Before she was Supergirl, actress Melissa Benoist was Marley on Glee. Marley first appeared in season four of the series and proved that she could sing as well as anyone else in New Directions. She even wrote songs-- and her original songs were the least horrible of the original songs written for the series.

Marley was also highly underrated. Not only did she struggle with an eating disorder, but she and her family also struggled with poverty. For some reason, though, the reaction to her character was lukewarm and the series eventually just wrote her off.

As both a member of the glee club and a character on the show, Marley never received the attention she deserved.

6 Rachel’s college dance teacher wasn’t a good dancer

On Glee, one of the most prestigious universities for students interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment arts is NYADA, the  New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. It is the school that both Rachel and Kurt eventually got into. The teachers were supposedly the best of the best. But there was one teacher who really wasn't all that great at what she taught.

Cassandra July was the dance teacher at NYADA. One might think that she would be one of the best dancers in the world, but it seems her only real talent was in berating her students. On those few occasions where she danced, she was not that good and was easily eclipsed by her students.

5 Artie's not a good boyfriend

Glee set up Artie up as a good character, at least as first. Although he was in a wheelchair, he could still sing and perform as well as his fellow glee club members.

The unfortunate truth is that Artie often indulged in misogynistic behavior.

When Tina told Artie she wanted to break up with him because he spent more time with video games than her, he called her "woman" in a condescending way and then chose to ignore her feelings. He then tried to get all macho to get her back by joining the football team as if that's what Tina wanted all along (it wasn't). He often seemed to try to fit into an "alpha male" role that made him come across as a sexist jerk.

4 Will made Emma a worse person

Glee Will and Emma

Before Emma and Will got married, Emma had a lot of potential as a character on the series. The writers gave her obsessive-compulsive disorder and framed it in a way that added dimension to her character. Although Emma suffered from this disorder, it never took away from the interesting and funny woman that she was.

Through it all, her relationship with Will was a hopeful end-game for fans. It seemed like it would be the best thing for both characters.

Then she and Will got married, and suddenly, she became nothing more than the person that occasionally handed out strange pamphlets to students and gave Will encouragement when he needed it. She stopped being a person and became more of a prop. It's a shame ,because there were so many interesting things about her character before the writers married her off to Will.

3 Sam's right-handed

Sam from Glee

Sam Evans was one of the new kids in season two of Glee, but he ended up right where he belonged: with the New Directions singing and dancing.

One thing that many fans might not know about Sam, though, is that he's actually right-handed. In the episode "100", Sam made the claim that he can only write with his left hand. Fans believed him-- they had no reason not to, right?

There's just one problem with that statement: every time Sam was seen writing something on the show, he was using his right hand. Fans will have to decide if they want to take Sam's word for it or to trust what they've actually seen him do throughout many episodes.

2 There were never enough members

Glee New Directions

It's understandable that at the beginning of the first season, the glee club didn't have enough members. Many of their high school classmates considered the club to be reserved for losers. Eventually, though, more members signed on, and the glee club went on to start winning awards and making their high school famous. The school has shown their support for the glee club by cheering them on.

Nonetheless, every season of Glee begins with the club needing more members so they can compete.

Even after winning all those awards, no one ever really wanted to join the glee club. How did it persist after the primary members graduated?

1 New Directions didn't move on

Glee Quinn Fabray

The glee club members always spent a lot of time talking and dreaming about their futures that would take them out of McKinley High School and into the world.

One might think that once they graduated, they would never look back.

And yet, what almost every single member of the glee club went back to their old high school to mentor the new glee club or become teachers or to just hang around and reminisce about their lives before they discovered the real world.

There was one student who never came back, however: Quinn Fabray. Once she was gone, she was actually gone. It seems that only Quinn escaped the curse of living in the past.


What's another common misconception about Glee? Let us know in the comments!

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