Glee: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

Glee made us laugh and cry frequently, partially due to its relationships and romances. Some of them went down better than others.

Glee remains a popular series years after its finale because as fans we find ourselves identifying with the characters in the glee club. We can see our high school selves in these characters because they are all just as lost as we once were. Whether we identify with the overly ambitious Rachel Berry or the top of the pyramid Quinn Fabray, the series proves that there are multiple sides to these archetypal characters and everything is not always what it seems.

One of the greatest elements of the series is the relationships between the characters. Which couples on Glee did fans support? Which did they reject? Read on to find out.

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Finn and Rachel aka "Finchel" is the quintessential couple on Glee and we've been rooting for them since the very beginning. What makes them such an awesome duo is how different they are as people yet their differences only work to create a stronger team unit. We love that they are pretty much polar opposites- Finn is the size of a tree and Rachel is minuscule and petite.

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Finn is the star quarterback of the football team and Rachel is comfortable with her lack of popularity- she knows it just means that one day she will rise to the top and become a successful Broadway star. They both work to help each other become better people and their supportive relationship is one we all seek.


Puck and Rachel make a good team but more-so as friends than a romantic pairing. They have a meaningful connection because they are the only two Jewish people in the school. Because of the similar backgrounds they share, Puck and Rachel are able to relate to each other on a different level. Despite their connection, we know that Rachel is meant to be with Finn and anything that suggests otherwise is just kidding itself. Plus, we believe that Puck's best relationship is with...


Puck and Quinn are the unlikely pair that fans can't help but adore.  Like Finn and Rachel, these two work because they are totally unexpected as a couple. While Puck is the slacker bad-boy, Quinn is the top of her class and the head cheerleader. The school expects Finn and Quinn to be together because they are both the most popular kids in school, but Puck and Quinn are the ones with the real chemistry here. They even had a baby together! *Cue Puck's version of "Beth" by Kiss*.


Finn and Quinn didn't work as a couple for fans because they were way too predictable together. Their names even rhyme! As a pair, there isn't all that much chemistry between the two of them and it seems as though they are only together because that's what the school wants and expects.

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In all truth, they are pretty terrible together considering the fact that Quinn was willing to put Finn into a trap for the rest of his life by thinking her baby was his. Remember the whole hot tub incident? Sure, Finn was kind of an idiot for thinking he could get Quinn "Preggers" as the episode puts it just because they made out, but Quinn was the one who manipulated him into believing it. Overall, it was just a messy relationship that fans hoped wouldn't last.


If you had to read that twice, you are not mistaken. One of the best moments in the series is when Sue Sylvester marries herself in a tracksuit wedding gown.

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It is the ultimate move of self-love and Sue x Sue is couple GOALS. The cheerleading coach doesn't need a partner to tell her how great she is because she already knows. She doesn't need anyone else to complete her, she just needs Sue. And that's how Sue "C"'s it!


Will and Terri are one of those couples that only stay together because they don't know anything else. They've been together for so long that they can't let go of each other- they're too comfortable in their relationship. Will and Terri hold onto the fact that they are high school sweethearts and Terri even tells Will that she's not the girl that he fell in love with at age 16. She is a different person now and so is Will. There are so many reasons this relationship doesn't work- lack of trust and lack of support to name a few. But the main reason it stops working is because Terri lies about her pregnancy in order to keep Will around. Is there a Hallmark card for "I'm sorry I lied about carrying our unborn baby?"


Blaine and Kurt Glee

Kurt and Blaine are one of the most beloved couples on Glee. Ultimately, it feels like Blaine is there to save Kurt from having a miserable high school experience. Kurt felt totally isolated at the beginning of the series due to the fact that he was the only out kid at school, but this all changed for the better after meeting Blaine. Who cares if they met while Blaine was singing a totally cheesy acapella version of a Katy Perry song? What followed was pretty much magic through and through.


Glee Blaine and Kurt

We all knew that Blaine and Kurt would eventually get back together after they decided to call off their engagement, yet in the meantime, Blaine and Karofsky had a fling going on and nobody was a fan. This mainly had to do with the fact that we all knew it was just a rebound situation and that in time, "Klaine" would come back to life as one of our favorite Glee relationships. It is also strange that Blaine would even consider dating Karofsky considering how the football player bullied Kurt throughout high school.


Santana and Brittany are easily one of the best couples on Glee because their relationship is so pure and filled with love. Starting off as friends, these two slowly began to realize that they loved each other in a whole lot more than the platonic sense of the word. Santana definitely had a mean streak but Brittany was always there to teach her kindness and give her the right amount of affection in order to ground her. They both worked to help each other become better and stronger and in the end, fans were thrilled when they got married.


Artie and Brittany are the couple that shocked fans because they're just so unexpected together. This mostly has to do with the fact that they never interacted with each other until Brittany randomly suggested they date. It was a messy relationship from the get-go especially considering the fact that Brittany said the reason she wanted to be with Artie was so she could push him around in his wheelchair. That doesn't seem like the most romantic basis for any relationship if you ask us.

What is your favorite couple on Glee?

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