Glass Script Is Making Cast Elevate Their Performances

As shooting continues on the M. Night Shyamalan film Glass it seems that one member of the cast is already praising the quality of the script, as well as indicating that the film is going to be something 'special'. On a promotional visit to the London Film Festival, Anya Taylor-Joy took the opportunity to say a few words about the sequel to Split

Most people are now very well aware that Split was also a stealth sequel to Shyamalan's earlier box office hit Unbreakable, as the indestructible David Dunn (Bruce Willis) made an appearance at the end of the film. Since then, further details have gradually been made available regarding the follow-up movie, with the synopsis for Glass making it clear that Dunn and Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy) would face off at some point, as Elijah 'Mr Glass' Price (Samuel L. Jackson) acts as a puppet master. As such, it means that the surviving characters from both films would be a substantial part of the movie. Being the only survivor of the cruel actions by The Beast, that means Taylor-Joy will be reprising her role as the traumatised Casey Cooke.

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Shooting is now underway in Philadelphia, as indicated by several social media posts by Shyamalan himself. However, Taylor-Joy was on the red carpet at the London Film Festival recently, during the screening of her new movie Thoroughbreds. She gave a brief interview to HeyUGuys and described her feelings about the upcoming film:

"I think we all are very aware that we're making something really special. M. Night's done just such an incredible job with the script, that we're all coming in and elevating our performances every single day. It's just really fun!"

The actress was also enthused about the opportunity to work on a project where she already knows practically all the cast and crew. Rather than lengthy introductions, she could just walk onto the set and say 'S'up' she quips. She likens it to a family atmosphere and it's obvious that the filming is a very positive experience for her so far.

While many of Shyamalan's latter films have drawn heavy criticism, that certainly was not the case for Split. The performances from McAvoy and Taylor-Joy earned praise in reviews, and were comparable to those by Willis and Jackson in Unbreakable. Shyamalan has also added Sarah Paulson to the mix, as well as several returning cast members from Unbreakable. Judging by the comments given by Taylor-Joy and all those other factors, it seems very likely that we'll witness Shyamalan on top form again, and that Glass will be a film to match its predecessors.

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Source: HeyUGuys

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