Final Glass Teaser Trailer Sees The Return of Mr. Glass

Mr. Glass returns in the final teaser trailer for Glass ahead of the film's first full trailer debut tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con. Combined with the teased returns of David Dunn and Kevin Wendall Crumb in two previous trailers released earlier this week, Glass looks to be promoting one epic mashup.

Glass has been a highly anticipated sequel since the release of Split in 2017. While many were intrigued with M. Night Shyamalan's critically well received return, it was the the post-credits scene that captured everyone's attention. Following the escape of the Beast, Bruce Willis is shown reprising his role as David Dunn, a superhero from Shyamalan's early classic Unbreakable. Fans and critics alike were stunned at the successful secrecy of the reveal, and excitement quickly began to build for the chance to see supervillain Mr. Glass, (Samuel L. Jackson) and David Dunn back on screen, potentially facing off against the Beast.

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Universal released the final teaser trailer (see above) for Glass today in which Elijah Price, aka supervillain Mr. Glass, gets his moment to shine through the shattered glass window. Yet, where the two previous trailers did not reveal anything new, this latest and final teaser has Mr. Glass speaking dialogue from the sequel: "I'm a comic book expert. I create the extraordinary... It is time to show the world what we can do."

First look images released earlier this month show Mr. Glass, Dunn and Crumb all locked up, revealing an initial premise that the three will be undergoing a study to understand their presumed delusions of super powers. While much is still left to be revealed, this latest tidbit of the upcoming film will only heighten the anticipation.

Each of the films' titles thus far have been representative of the main character. Unbreakable examined David Dunn's superpowers, including super strength and healing powers. Split examined the multiple personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb's Dissociative Identity Disorder. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Glass's role will be portrayed within the trilogy's conclusion, with the film's title Glass potentially hinting to a deeper involvement and insight to his character. It will also be interesting to see how the initial film's handling of primal good vs. primal evil, originally contrasted between Glass and Dunn, will be handled within the final installment following the inclusion of the Beast.

We won't have to wait long to hopefully find out answers to these questions, and many more, as Glass will be appearing in Hall H at the San Diego International Comic-Con 2018 on Friday, July 20 at 3:45pm PST. As promised by each of the three teaser trailers released, the first official trailer for Glass will be released Friday, most likely during this SDCC event.

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