Glass: M. Night Shyamalan Says He's Unlikely To Make A Sequel

Glass director M. Night Shyamalan may be ending his connected universe with the upcoming film; he says he has no interest in making another sequel.

Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan on the Glass set

M. Night Shyamalan reveals he's unlikely to make a sequel to Glass. One of the most highly anticipated films heading into 2019 is Shyamalan's shared universe filmThe film unites characters from two of Shyamalan's most praised movies, 2000's superhero drama Unbreakable, and last year's psychological horror thriller Split. Glass will serve as a sequel to both films respectively, and it may be the concluding chapter in the trilogy.

In October, the official full-length trailer for Glass was released online, and it showcased David Dunn (Bruce Willis) battling former foe Elijah Price aka. Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) and Split's Kevin Wendell Crumb, better known as The Beast (James McAvoy). The stage was set for the film at the end of Split with a Bruce Willis cameo, and ever since fans have been waiting for the long overdue Unbreakable sequel. Glass will also feature a return of supporting characters from the previous two films, allowing them to play into the narrative presented in the upcoming project. Shyamalan had teased a follow up to Unbreakable for quite some time, but a film never materialized until last year.

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While Glass will certainly be a box office success, it appears Shyamalan wants the upcoming picture to be the final chapter in a trilogy that spanned nearly 20 years. During an interview with Digital Spy, the director made it clear that another follow up is unlikely to be penned by him. Shyamalan has always been one to try new ventures in film, though not all of them succeed. Split was one of his more recent hits and hopefully the same can be said for Glass. Shyamalan said of a potential sequel:

"I don't want to relive stuff and I don't want to be an opportunist, that's not the relationship that I have with the audience, that I aspire to. My aspiration is they know they're going to get an original thriller every single time. That's where my taste go, so I'm going to say no right now."

The Split and Unbreakable sequel wrapped production last December. The film will feature Elijah Price using the powers of Kevin Wendell Crumb to bring David Dunn's character to his full potential. There will be several newcomers introduced in the upcoming thriller, one played by Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story). Paulson will star as Dr. Ellie Staple, a psychologist specializing with patients who believe they possess superhero capabilities. Joining Paulson will be Anya Taylor-Joy returning to portray Casey Cooke, one of the girls kidnapped by The Beast in Split. David Dunn's son Joseph will return and judging from the trailer, he will team up with Casey Cooke at some point in the film.

Shyamalan first made his mark on the filmmaking industry with 1999's The Sixth Sense, a film Willis was also featured in. Glass is the long overdue sequel to the highly praised 2000 hit Unbreakable, and it will also merge with 2017's Split. Fans of the two films may be disappointed that this could be the end of a potential universe to explore. However, it remains to be seen what twist Shyamalan will introduce this time around, so there's still something to look forward to when Glass hits theaters early next year.

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Source: Digital Spy

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