Joseph Casey and Mrs Price in Glass

How Did Mrs. Price, Casey, And Joseph All Arrive At The Same Time?

So much of Glass' plot relies on convenience and the biggest example is the final fight scene at the Raven Hill parking lot when Casey, Mrs. Price, and Joseph all happen to arrive at the exact same time. Why they were all coming to the hospital isn't even clear; did Dr. Staple call each of them to alert them that David, Elijah, and Kevin had escaped or were they all coming anyway for another reason. Regardless, despite coming from different parts of the city and by different means (Casey took a cab while Joseph came in his van), they all still managed to show up at the exact same time. Why? Because the plot needed them all to be there to play their parts.

Why Didn't Raven Hill's Security Ever Notice Anything Was Wrong?

Raven Hill has some of the most incompetent security guards ever. There are known dangerous people with abilities incarcerated in the hospital but the security is incredibly lax. Despite Elijah repeatedly being found outside of his cell, Raven Hill never stations guards outside his door to watch how he escapes. One guard let himself get distracted for an absurdly long time by Daryl the orderly (Adam David Thompson) lecturing him about the importance of taking vitamin D pills. Another guard simply opened the security gate and let two people who were very obviously Mr. Glass and Kevin barely incognito get by with hardly a glance. There were finally guards doing their jobs and who tried to stop the villains in the tunnels but naturally, the Beast made short work of them.

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What Is The Black Clover Society?

Sarah Paulson as Ellie Staple in Glass

One of M. Night Shyamalan's big twists in Glass is the answer to why Kevin, Elijah, and David are the only three super people in the world: because Dr. Staple is part of a secret society that has been eliminating others like them for 10,000 years. The cabal's members have tattoos of black cloverleafs on their wrists and they are wealthy and powerful people who have infiltrated the police and government to cover their tracks. They also like to dine in posh restaurants but must still wait until other patrons who aren't part of their society leave before they can have their secret meetings. (Why don't they just buy out the entire restaurant?)  The group also seems to hate Comic-Con and comic book culture. Unfortunately, as Shyamalan likely won't make a sequel to Glass, this may be the extent of what fans are going to learn about this clandestine Black Clover society.

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Key Release Dates
  • Glass (2019) release date: Jan 18, 2019
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