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When Did Mr. Glass Come Up With His Plan?

The timeline of events in Glass is muddy, especially when it comes to Mr. Glass himself. The staff of Raven Hill believed they had Elijah sedated all along but the Mastermind was secretly switching the pills and faking his comatose condition. At night, he would roam free around the hospital, always somehow remaining undetected.

Glass plays events as if Mr. Glass wasn't aware that David and Kevin had been brought to Raven Hill until Dr. Staple told him so, but did he already know ahead of time? Or did Elijah only learn about Kevin and the Beast during the group therapy session that also included David? In either case, somehow Elijah's ability to wheel himself out of his cell to be spotted by the hospital guards was enough cause to manipulate Dr. Staple into installing hundreds of cameras, which Price needed to record the Overseer fighting the Horde so he could later have the footage uploaded to the Internet, which was his plan all along. But did Elijah somehow concoct and execute his plan on the fly over the course of Glass' 3 days timespan?

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How Does Elijah Know All About The Internet If He's Been Locked Up For 19 Years?

While Glass leaves it unclear, it seems that Elijah had been leaving his cell and exploiting Raven Hill's resources for a long time even before David and Kevin got locked up in the hospital with him. This is the only way to logically explain how he could know all about the Internet and how to upload footage to YouTube and make sure the Overseer vs. Horde fight was seen on every screen and cell phone simultaneously. After all, Mr. Glass has been incarcerated since 2000 - he would have missed the invention of Facebook, the rise of YouTube, everyone having smartphones, and every technological leap that has changed society in the last 19 years. But that also means no one in Raven Hill ever noticed Mr. Glass had access to their laptops, network, and systems for almost two decades.

Mr. Glass' Master Plan Is Full Of Holes

Samuel L Jackson as Mr Glass

The Mastermind's master plan is full of holes and relies on a lot of convenience and contrivance. First, for there to be a plan at all, he needed David and Kevin institutionalized in the same hospital he was locked up in, and it's not certain if he had a hand in manipulating this to happen or if the Beast and the Overseer ending up in Raven Hill was just a lucky break for Elijah. Next, he needed everyone decoyed into finding out and believing his plan was to blow up Osaka Tower and he set the Beast loose so that the two of them could escape via the tunnels beneath Raven Hill.

Elijah also taunted David to motivate him to free himself to stop them. But how did Elijah know the timing of events would all conveniently work out so that David would have time to don his clothes as the Overseer and make it out to the parking lot just as all the other players also arrived at that exact time to witness David fight the Beast? And then there's the fact that Elijah really had no intention of going to Osaka Tower and the whole point was to film David and the Beast fighting and have that footage uploaded to the Internet. The final stage of his plan, which apparently was designed to work in the event of Mr. Glass' death, was Elijah sending the footage to his mother (Charlayne Woodard) to upload to the web. This means Elijah was entirely relying on his elderly mother (who it isn't clear was even aware of his plan) to know how to send a video file to YouTube and have it delivered simultaneously to every phone, computer screen, and TV.

And, biggest of all, why would anyone who saw it believe the footage was real and not dismiss it as a hoax? The key to the final question is in Elijah saying that "we allow ourselves to be superheroes"; the point of his plan wasn't for the world to believe superheroes were real, it was for those like him who believed they were special to see there were others out there so that it might spark their own emergence. But the Mastermind's master plan relied upon a lot of factors he can't control going right for it to have worked at all.

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