Glass: 21 of Kevin's 24 Personalities Will Appear Onscreen

James McAvoy's acting chops will be pushed even further in Glass as he'll play 21 different personalities. M. Night Shyamalan shocked audiences last year when Split came to a close and was revealed to take place in the same universe as Unbreakable. The revelation soon came to fruition with Universal announcing that the two films will crossover in a true sequel. Glass is coming out next year and the hype is starting with the release of the first trailer at SDCC.

Even though there was plenty of excitement geared towards Split following its surprise connection to Unbreakable, the big standout of the film was McAvoy's performance. He played several different personalities that inhabit Kevin Crumb, sometimes multiple in the same scene. While Hedwig and others made the biggest mark, there's going to be nearly the full catalog on display in Glass.

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M. Night Shyamalan revealed during the Glass portion of Universal's San Diego Comic-Con panel that the current cut of the movie includes 21 different personalities. All of the usual suspects will be there, along with some new ones. But, this means that there's even more room for McAvoy to shine.

The main personalities that McAvoy played in Split were Hedwig, Dennis, Patricia, and Barry. However, the movie glimpsed some of the other identities through Crumb's vlogs that he used to do. The new trailer adds identities like Mary Reynolds, a Spanish speaking personality, a stereotypical surfer. All in all, knowing that the current cut includes so many different characters for McAvoy to play is exciting. He was able to transition between them flawlessly in Split, so doing it on a possibly larger scale should be a highlight of Glass.

This could change over time, though, as Shyamalan finalizes the cut. If some of the 21 personalities are strictly part of a montage scene like in the trailer, then it is possible they could remove some along the way. Even if that is the case, McAvoy has expressed his interest in playing Crumb in future films too, so the chance to see all of the personalities remains. However it plays out, Shyamalan and McAvoy appear to have formed a strong collaboration and, hopefully, managed to make the interplay even better in Glass. There's plenty of additional areas to explore, with the trailer offering teases of seeing much more of The Beast. Now that more info is coming out on Glass, it won't be much longer before everyone will actually get to see the finished product and know the exact number of personalities McAvoy plays.

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