Glass TV Trailer: Shyamalan's Thriller Won't Be Like a Comic Book

James McAvoy in Glass 2019

Superhumans exist in the TV trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable and Split sequel, Glass. The movie further unites Unbreakable stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson with Split leads James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy.

For years, fans asked Shyamalan to make a sequel to Unbreakable, his comic book-inspired 2000 thriller starring Willis as a man who comes to realize that he possesses superhero-like strength. The director always seemed interested in the idea and eventually made good on all his teases with 2017's Split, an outwardly standalone thriller that - as its final scene revealed - was actually set in the same universe as Unbreakable. James McAvoy starred in the former film as a man with dissociative identity disorder who ultimately develops a personality (one he dubs "The Beast") that has incredible strength and is practically invulnerable to any kind of attack.

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Now comes Glass, a film that shifts the focus to "Mr. Glass" aka. Elijah (Jackson), the brilliant comic book aficionado - with equally brittle bones - who helped David Dunn (Willis) realize the truth about himself in Unbreakable. Universal has unveiled a new TV trailer for the film that further highlights Willis and McAvoy's superhuman characters, while at the same time teasing how Elijah pits them against each other, for his own mysterious purposes. Take a look in the space below.

As the previous Glass trailers have established (and this new promo affirms), Elijah has been in an institution for the criminally insane ever since David discovered the truth in Unbreakable: that Elijah spent years orchestrating disasters, as part of his search to find and prove that someone like David exists. Elijah hasn't abandoned that quest after all these years either; as the TV trailer illustrates, he's now trying to prove that superhumans are real to Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), a psychiatrist who specializes in people that believe they are superheroes. Of course, Dr. Staple is about to get a crash-course in just how real these superhumans really are.

Shyamalan, for his part, has been keen to emphasize that Glass isn't like other modern superhero movies and is very much a thriller, like Unbreakable and Split before it. That message comes across strongly in the new TV trailer, even before Elijah puts a fine point on it by saying "This won't be like a comic book" (echoing words that he said to David, many years ago). With Shyamalan riding higher than he has in a long time following the unexpected critical success of Split, there's fair reason to believe that Glass will keep his hot streak going and similarly prove to be a truly unique addition to the current landscape of comic book-inspired pop culture, like the marketing has promised.

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  • Glass (2019) release date: Jan 18, 2019
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