Exclusive Glass Deleted Scene: Casey In Art Class

Joseph Casey and Mrs Price in Glass

A deleted scene from Glass depicts Casey Cooke presenting a painting of hers in art class at school. Casey, of course, was the lone survivor of the group Kevin Wendell Crumb kidnapped in Split, allowed to escape after Kevin's "Beast" personality recognized her as one of "the broken," referring to her physical scars from years of abuse. Casey returned in Glass for a supporting role, which played up her connection to Kevin and attempted to deepen their dynamic.

After a minor comeback by delivering The Visit and Split back-to-back, Shyamalan returned to his more polarizing ways with Glass. Upon its theatrical release earlier this year, the film received very mixed reviews, with some critics questioning Shyamalan's execution and finding it to be a disappointing end to his long-gestating trilogy. Still, Glass contains several fascinating ideas and has its fair share of fans that appreciated Shyamalan's unique vision and ambition. Those viewers will probably be looking forward to bringing Glass home so they can experience the franchise conclusion again. Ahead of the film's Blu-ray release, there's a clip from one of the deleted scenes.

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Released by Universal as an exclusive to Screen Rant, the scene in question sees Casey showcasing her painting in art class. The piece is of a tiger behind a cage, watching on as a boy throws something towards it. Casey states the painting is about "dark and light" and that "you need both for anything to feel real."  Watch it for yourself in the space below:

In an introduction, Shyamalan explained the scene was cut primarily for pacing issues, as Glass' structure didn't allow him to dive as deeply into all the characters as he would have liked. The filmmaker said Casey is one of his favorites to write, and he wanted to illustrate how her life altered after the events of Split. As viewers may recall, in Split's opening scene, Casey is a wallflower at a birthday party, trying to be invisible to the world around her. But now, she has no qualms about being out in front of everyone to answer questions about something that's no doubt personal to her. It's a nice touch by Shyamalan, but this scene arguably doesn't add too much to the final product. Though the clip is very short and wouldn't have made Glass drag by any means, it's hard to to make a case this was absolutely necessary for Glass' narrative.

At the same time, there are probably viewers out there that wouldn't have minded if this scene stayed in the movie. One of the main criticisms of Glass was that the supporting cast (including Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey) felt more like glorified plot devices than well-rounded characters. This short scene wouldn't have alleviated all of those feelings, but a little bit more time with Casey would have been appreciated. At least it's available on the Glass Blu-ray for all to see.

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Glass is now available on Digital and will hit 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray April 16, 2019.

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