Glass: Casey Cooke's Been Handling The Events of Split Rather Well

Glass star Anya Taylor-Joy reveals how her character, Casey Cooke, is handling the traumatic events of the previous film in the series, Split.

Split star Anya Taylor-Joy discusses how her character, Casey Cooke, is handling the events of that film in its sequel, Glass. Casey was the sole survivor of the group abducted by Kevin Wendell Crumb, and she narrowly escaped the Beast (Kevin's 24th personality). The experience left her willing to face the horrors of her own life beyond the abduction.

Released in 2017, Split premiered to critic and audience praise, resurrecting the career of M. Night Shyamalan. Yet, as viewers watched his latest success unfold, what they didn't realize was they were watching the latest installment to an even larger concept. Split would be revealed in the final moments to be connected to Shyamalan's Unbreakable, a film contrasting pure evil and pure good through comic book characters. Information regarding the sequel has been scarce, but while audiences know the state of Elijah "Mr. Glass" Price, David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb when Glass begins, the state of many reoccurring characters, including Casey Cooke, from the previous films is unknown.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Taylor-Joy took a moment to explain Casey's state of being when Glass opens. "Well I can't really say anything obviously, but I think people will be really proud of where she's at right now. It hasn't been that long since Split ended in this new movie. And I think she's handling her stuff, she's handling it well." Casey had been spared by the Beast due to her deemed "pure" state, having faced her own horrors through childhood. After staring into the eyes of evil and surviving, it is alluded at the end of Split that Casey confronts and ends the abuse inflicted on her by her uncle. While speculation, it seems her road to recovery has carried through to the final film.

In both the first official Glass trailer and first-look images, Casey is shown sympathetically interacting with Kevin at eye level and gently touching his cheek. There is a drastic contrast from her character in Split to the one we see now. She exhibits no fear or drive for survival and is seemingly in control. Back in Split, Cooke was a victim, actively engaging with Crumb in an attempt to fight for escape. In Glass, however, she seems to have transformed into a witness. Casey is seen very little in the trailer, but the only times she is present, she is watching events unfold before her (most of which is hidden from the audience).

With little information still available, speculation abounds for the upcoming conclusion to the Unbreakable trilogy. While viewers now know to find Casey in a much better place when Glass is released, her current interactions with Crumb and her place in the series still remains to be seen. Shyamalan has a history of twisty endings and surprise reveals, so no character exists without a purpose.

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