Sideshow Collectibles has revealed Hot Toys’ new figure of “Gladiator Thor” from the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok. Much has been made of the God of Thunder’s new look in Taika Waititi’s sequel, particularly Chris Hemsworth’s short hair. But the hero is also going to don some fresh armor as he takes part in a gladiatorial battle in the Grandmaster’s Arena on Sakaar, where he will battle “Gladiator Hulk” (Mark Ruffalo). Their fight has been hyped as much as anything in the film leading up to its Nov. 3 release.

Thor has popped up everywhere in his gladiator form, especially in trailers and promo posters. It’s clear that the events that take place on Sakaar and inside the Grandmaster’s Arena will be one of Ragnarok’s major set-pieces, which is why you’ve also seen Gladiator Thor merchandise. There was a giant LEGO statue at San Diego Comic-Con and there have been glimpses at the hero in his new attire as part of Hot Toys’ Ragnarok collection. Thanks to Hot Toys distributor Sideshow Collectibles, Gladiator Thor can now be seen in his full glory.

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Sideshow unveiled the newest sixth scale Thor figure on its official website this week, and it’s as incredibly detailed as you’d expect from Hot Toys. The 12.59-inch collectible, due out in April-June 2018 and available for pre-order at $259, features a newly sculpted head piece in Hemsworth’s likeness, complete with his short hair and gladiator markings that streak down his face and neck. The body includes 30 points of articulation and four pair of interchangeable hands. Check out some photos of the Deluxe version of Gladiator Thor below:

Gladiator Thor also includes the hero’s uniform that he will wear as he does battle in the arena, including his grey and blue helmet and special armor for his upper body, arms, and legs. The costume also includes a detachable cape, a leather-like belt and boot straps, and a red and gold-colored shield. It comes with plenty of weapons as well – two swords, two daggers with a sheath, and a mace. Exclusive to the Deluxe Version, however, are long and short Einherjar swords and a Sakaar rifle.

Sideshow also previewed Hot Toys of Loki, Hela, and Valkyrie that appeared at SDCC, but they are not yet available for pre-order. The new Thor is the second Ragnarok-inspired creation for Hot Toys, following the long-haired “Roadworn Thor” revealed in July. But Gladiator Thor is no less detailed than his counterparts and would fit seamlessly alongside the Gladiator Hulk Hot Toys collectible in your collection.

The hope for Hot Toys is that Thor: Ragnarok achieves a wider appeal than the first two installments, especially with the presence of the Hulk in the film. It may be tough for Gladiator Thor to catch on if Waititi’s sequel doesn’t, but the previews have certainly looked promising. Either way, Marvel Studios is betting big on the film’s gladiatorial aspects.

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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