The Glades Season 5 Isn't Happening: Why The Show Was Cancelled

The fourth season of A&E’s The Glades ended with Jim Longworth shot by a mystery gunman, but viewers shouldn’t hold their breath for season 5.

The Glades

The fourth season of A&E’s crime drama may have ended on a cliffhanger but The Glades season 5 isn’t likely. The Glades focused on Chicago cop Jim Longworth (Jigsaw’s Matt Passmore) who leaves the Windy City after being wrongfully accused of having an affair with his boss’s wife and takes a job as a detective with the state police in the sleepy Florida Everglades town of Palm Glade. Although Jim is expecting a slower pace of life, he soon finds out there’s more criminal activity in his new hometown than he’d bargained for.

Alongside following Jim as he solved crimes with the help of forensic examiner/golf partner Dr. Carlos Sanchez (Carlos Gómez), The Glades also focused on his personal life too – most notably his relationship with nurse Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez) and the bond he forms with her teenaged son (Uriah Shelton, 13 Reasons Why).

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In the fourth season of The Glades, Jim and Callie got engaged and were set to tie the knot in the season finale, until their happy day was rudely interrupted by a mystery gunman showing up at Jim’s house and shooting him. The season ended on a cliffhanger with Jim lying in a pool of his own blood with two gunshot wounds to the chest, but viewers won’t get to see how it plays out – here’s why.

The Glades Was Canceled By A&E In 2013

The Glades

Unfortunately, A&E pulled the plug on The Glades just a few days after the season 4 finale aired. The network didn’t provide a specific reason as to why it cancelled the show, although its ratings – which were down overall from season 3 – likely had something to do with it.

Nevertheless, the decision infuriated viewers and they weren’t the only ones shocked by the news; according to show creator Clifton Campbell, The Glades’ cancellation came as a surprise to cast and crew too.

The Glades Season 5 Would’ve Investigated Jim’s Shooting

The Glades

Clifton Campbell confirmed to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Jim would’ve survived his gunshot wounds in season 5. He intended the next edition of The Glades to be a season-long investigation into Jim’s attempted murder with plenty of plot twists and many different suspects coming to the fore. By the end of The Glades season 5, viewers would’ve known the answer to the question ‘Who shot Jim Longworth?’.

There Is A Slim Chance The Glades Could Return

The Glades

In the same interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Campbell was reluctant to say exactly who it was that shot Jim – the reason being he didn’t want to spoil it should The Glades ever get a fifth season. However, that was five years ago so whether he still thinks the show could return is unknown.

That said, A&E recently decided to resurrect the Syfy series Ghost Hunters so while the chances of The Glades season 5 happening are slim, it's not impossible either.

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