Girls Season 6: Story Recap & Ending Explained

Here's how Girls season 6 wrapped up the series. Girls was created by Lena Dunham, who also plays lead character Hannah Horvath, an immature and self-absorbed writer. The show follows Hannah and her friends Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna as they navigate life and love in New York City. The show was a drama laced with pitch-black comedy and it wasn't afraid to make all the lead characters unlikeable or selfish.

Girls was never a show that was overly concerned with plot or arcs and was instead powered by the behavior of the lead characters as their decisions often led to disaster or heartbreak. Sometimes they would grow or learn from these mistakes - and sometimes not. The show ran from 2012 to 2017 and while it received controversy more than once, it was also praised for its writing and direction.

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Girls season 6 marked the end of the show, with the final two episodes giving the central characters something of a happy ending. After becoming pregnant during a brief relationship, Hannah decides in episode 9 "Goodbye Tour" to leave New York to accept a teaching job at an upstate college so she can raise her baby in peace. She also learns she wasn't invited to Shoshanna's engagement party to Byron - even though the other girls were. The four of them have a heart to heart in the bathroom, where Shoshanna reveals she wants to move on from them and they've held her back in many ways. The episode ends with them dancing together one last time at the party before Hannah leaves the city.

Alison Williams and Lena Dunham in Girls Series Finale

In the Girls season 6 finale "Latching" Marnie decides to move down and live with Hannah and help her with baby Grover since she doesn't have much going on with her life and seeks direction. This finale deals with Hannah struggling to cope with her new life and trying to breastfeed Grover. Hannah's mother Loreen comes down to help, but this just creates more friction and she storms out. An encounter with a runaway teen girl makes Hannah realize what parenting is really all about. She returns home, mends her relationship with Marnie and Loreen, and when Grover starts crying she goes to breastfeed him and he finally latches.

The Girls season 6 finale was a nice ending for a show that was never about wrapping up the story in a neat bow. Hannah finally learns to grow just a little bit, and the show ends on a note that suggests her future might just turn out ok. The central relationships between the four friends is more or less splintered, with only Hannah and Marnie remaining together, but given the events of past seasons, this feels like the realistic outcome.

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