‘Girls Against Boys’ Trailer: Danielle Panabaker Rids the World of Bad Boyfriends

Danielle Panabaker in Girls Against Boys

Watch out, guys - you do not want to get on Danielle Panabaker and Nicole LaLiberte’s bad sides.

In Girls Against Boys Panabaker leads as Shae, an innocent college girl having a tough time finding the right guy. After one too many disappointing and even violent experiences in a matter of days, Shae’s had enough. Rather than swear off the opposite sex until Mr. Right comes along, Shae teams up with a co-worker, Lu (LaLiberte), and they simply kill the men that try to hurt them - right along with any others who get in their way. However, as their new hobby transitions into a sick obsession, Shae realizes it’s more important to protect herself from Lu than from male attackers.

This little vicious gem premiered to pretty sour reviews at SXSW. THR sums it up writing, “Exploitation-friendly indie isn't as psychologically probing or politically provocative as it hopes to be,” while Fangoria accuses it of “existing as a logline to reel in genre fans and hinging on a director’s name to excite the art houses.” Even though the writer goes on to say that the film will ultimately satisfy neither, as someone who’s both intrigued by the logline and curious to see what writer-director Austin Chick has to offer with his latest, I’m still eager enough to check it out for myself.

This new trailer makes the film look like a great deal of sick and twisted fun. It does a solid job introducing Shae and actually makes you feel bad for her when she runs into one too many bad boyfriends. From that point on, what’s not to like? We’ve got a pair of unlikely killers running around with guns and a samurai sword, murdering men for not being bring-home-to-mom material.

Girls Against Boys better not be a dud, for Panabaker’s sake. Piranha 3DD followed by another subpar gore fest? If that’s going to be the case, someone better find an agent that’ll put her talent to use, rather than feed her to the bloodthirsty horror hounds time and time again.

Girls Against Boys is set for a limited release on February 1st.


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