The Girl in the Spider's Web: Sylvia Hoeks & Sverrir Gudnason Interview

Can you guys talk a bit about working with Fede and how he works with you on performance?

SG: He's just a great person and a great director, I love working with him. He started this whole shoot off with a Uruguayan barbecue, and you kind of sensed immediately that he was good to work with, very talented and had his heart in the right place.

One of the things that everyone loved about Luv [in Blade Runner] was that she was very ruthless and vulnerable at the same time. Are there any similarities with this character...?

SH: No! [Laughs] I mean, the similarity is me playing the part, I guess.

Sure. She looks very similar.

SH: Yeah, I still have bangs! No, I really wanted to create a blank- kind of a new palette for Camilla. Hence the bleached eyebrows and the bleached hair... I wanted to really have a new instrument to play with, and she has some similarities in a certain kind of pain, but I think every human being does and we can identify with that. And I just found this character very compelling and very intriguingly helpful to the story and when I read the part I was really just, "Yeah, that's me, I want to play that." So when I think of Luv and being afraid of doing the same thing, it's not the same thing, but of course she has some similarities in her way of viewing certain things. When I read the script I really felt very close to Camilla.

Do we see a lot of the internal politics of Millennium magazine?

SG: Yeah, that's really how it starts, with Blomkvist getting pushed out of his magazine. For me, playing the character, it's been played before by two people, and you can ask every actor who's done a character in a revival of a famous play, to take over a part is something special. I'm a big fan of Daniel Craig's, but also for me stepping into the shoes of Michael Nyqvist, who was a good friend of mine and who died recently, is a big thing for me.

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Sylvia Hoeks in The Girl in the Spiders Web

What kind of stage is Blomqvist at in his life in this movie? Is he a little bit jaded perhaps?

SG: I would say he's a little bit down on his luck when it starts. But then of course reteaming with Salander gives him some fuel.

Like you said, we've seen Blomkvist twice, we've seen Lisbeth Salander as well. Can you guys talk a bit about what Claire brings to the performance and how her iteration is unique?

SH: Yeah, it's true, she's all about the work and she's - I don't want to say she's serious, because she's a lot of fun - but she really comes across as somebody who takes on this character in their own way. She sees what she sees in the character and really goes for that. And then discussing our relationship and the characters was really good because she's a very open person and I'm a very open person, so you just work together and you feel very committed and very safe. You know, there's no game-playing, there's no ego, she's just working hard and she loves her job, and she's brilliant, so I'm really happy to work with her.

SG: Yeah, she's brilliant. And of course it's a crazy leap from the Queen to Salander, but it's so right, and she's so right for the part, so I'm really happy to be working with her.

What was it for you guys when you picked up the script that got you interested in the project and the roles that you have? What connected with you?

SH: Well I'm the middle sister of three girls, so I really felt the sister part was... I could identify so much with, you know, if you grow up with two other women so close to you, you follow them in life and you share your views with them in hard times. There's a lot to feel when you read a script like that, where there's obviously love between the two, but a difficult time between them as well. And I really reflected on that and could identify with that very much.

And I saw Don't Breathe and I thought that was very well done. Visually he's so strong, in the way he tells a story, Fede is not afraid to find that rawness and find the heat. He really wants to show... he's really not afraid of showing the rawness, the guts. And we need that, I think. I love seeing that in movies. When I go to a movie, I want to see stuff that I don't see in my normal life, and I want to see it all. And I want to step out of the cinema and just go for ice cream. I want t have that experience without having that experience. And I think he's great doing that, he's wonderful doing that. So that's why I wanted to play the character.

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