Does The Girl In The Spider's Web Have An End-Credits Scene?

Claire Foy in The Girl in the Spiders Web

The Girl in the Spider's Web hopes to launch a new franchise starring Lisbeth Salander, but does it include anything after the credits to hint at the character's future? The film marks the second time Sony has attempted to build a series around the Millennium novels. After David Fincher's 2011 adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo underperformed at the box office, a potential sequel lingered in development hell for a number of years. The studio finally decided to give the property the soft reboot treatment, recruiting an all-new cast for the latest film.

At long last, Spider's Web is ready for its theatrical premiere, but things haven't gotten off to the start Sony was hoping for. Reviews to this point are mixed, painting the franchise revival as a fairly standard action thriller fueled by a strong performance from Claire Foy (who plays Lisbeth this time around). Still, the Millennium books have their fans, and the target audience will surely come check out what Spider's Web has to offer. Perhaps the turnout will be big enough to ensure this iteration of Dragon Tattoo has a future.

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That being said, those hoping for any clues about where Lisbeth is headed next will be disappointed. The Girl in the Spider's Web does not have a post-credits scene. Those who want to listen to the musical score by Roque Baños and acknowledge the cast and crew that worked hard on the film are welcome to sit through the credits, but there are no additional sequences.

Sylvia Hoeks in The Girl in the Spiders Web

Some have viewed The Girl in the Spider's Web as Sony's attempt to fill their James Bond void, but any comparisons between the two are in the film proper. There isn't even a Bond-esque "Lisbeth Salander will return" text card, which honestly isn't all that surprising. The studio was certainly hoping to make followups to Fincher's 2011 Dragon Tattoo, and that didn't include any stingers. Post-credits scenes are definitely en vogue right now, but the trope isn't for every franchise. Plenty of four-quadrant blockbusters bypass them, so it's perfectly within reason for an adult-orientated drama to not have one.

Sony wouldn't have rebooted the Dragon Tattoo property if it was just going to be a one-and-done endeavor, but there's no guarantee Spider's Web gets sequels. As indicated above, the response has been pretty muted (a sharp contrast from the Oscar-nominated Dragon Tattoo), and the word-of-mouth may sink Spider's Web's commercial prospects. As such, it's smart for Sony to wait and see what they have before moving ahead with future plans. If The Girl in the Spider's Web isn't successful enough to warrant additional movies, they won't have to backtrack on something that's been officially confirmed. Lisbeth may have a following, but this isn't a box office lock.

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