'Girl Meets World' Theme Song & Opening Credits Revealed

Girls Meets World gets a full trailer

Those who grew up in the 90s are in for a straight shot of nostalgia late next month, courtesy of the Disney Channel. Friday, June 27 marks the highly anticipated premiere broadcast of Girl Meets World, a contemporary sequel series to famed TGIF stalwart Boy Meets World.

As part of Disney's never ending effort to hype up Girl Meets World's premiere, the Mouse has released the full opening credits sequence for the series, featuring GMW's brand new theme song "Take on the World." The song is actually performed by "Girl" Rowan Blanchard herself, making it fairly obvious that Disney sees her as their next multi-talented young star in waiting.

Girl Meets World revolves around Riley Matthews (Blanchard), the tween daughter of BMW's top couple Cory and Topanga. Riley and her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) function as the focal characters of GMW, in much the same way Cory and his best friend Shawn anchored the original series.

Girl Meets World's main logo, the globe and paper airplane motifs, some of the fonts and colors used, and other little touches are clearly meant to invoke feelings of nostalgia in those who grew up with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny, Eric, and the gang from John Adams High (and later Pennbrook University). At the same time, the song is very much in line with the Disney tween pop star mold, echoing previous poppy theme songs sung by the stars of their respective series.

That's one thing old-school BMW fans very much need to keep in mind when heading into Girl Meets World's debut. Cory and Topanga may be featured cast members, but they are not the stars here. This is very much intended to be a vehicle for relative newcomers Blanchard and Carpenter.

Now, that doesn't mean Boy Meets World fans won't also end up enjoying Girl Meets World. Both series are co-created and executive produced by the duo of Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, which if nothing else should guarantee a certain level of creative consistency between the two ventures. The difference this time out is that GMW is being produced for the Disney Channel, while BMW was produced for ABC's TGIF block.

TGIF was never known as an envelope pusher by any means, but by season 2 of BMW, plots were directly dealing with subjects like bullying, parental abandonment, and teenage sex. Disney Channel is likely to impose tighter creative restrictions on Girl Meets World, at least starting out, keeping things to the much more wholesomely sanitized level seen in the largely forgotten inaugural season of Boy Meets World.

In short, Boy Meets World fans should head into Girl Meets World optimistically, but realistically. This is after all the network that gave the world Hannah Montana.


Girl Meets World premieres Friday, June 27 at 9:45 pm on the Disney Channel.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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