Girl Meets World Season 4 Definitely Isn't Happening

Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs confirms that the TV series is officially done for good and won't be getting a season 4.

Girl Meets World - Maya and Riley sad

It looks like this really is the end of the road for Girl Meets World. One of the earlier entries into the current craze of TV revivals, Disney Channel's series proved to be quite the popular show in its own right, as well as somewhat of a critical darling. Sure, the show could be quite silly at times - a trait shared by its TGIF progenitor Boy Meets World - but GMW often drew praise for its ability to balance life lessons aimed at its primarily young audience with amusing slapstick comedy and fan service moments that could also easily be enjoyed by those who grew up with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and the rest of the BMW gang.

Unfortunately, despite both GMW's audience popularity and its positive reputation with critics, Disney Channel opted to officially drop the cancellation ax on the series earlier this year. While the news wasn't entirely unexpected by that point - Disney had been almost completely silent on GMW's status for many months leading up to the announcement - it still stung, especially with season 3 being hailed by many fans as the series' best season to date.

For his part, GMW creator Michael Jacobs - who also created Boy Meets World - tried to offer fans hope, pledging to try his best to find a new home for the series going forward. Sadly, these efforts to continue Girl Meets World were unsuccessful, with little noise made about a possible continuation for awhile now. Just in case there were any GMW fans still hoping against hope for season 4, the Girl Meets Writers Twitter account sent out the below message earlier today, effectively declaring the series officially, 100 percent dead for good:

I wasn't able to find a new venue for the show. I'm sorry. We brought our best and hope we made you think and feel. Until next time. Thanks.

— Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters) May 3, 2017

The "I" referenced in the above Tweet is presumably Jacobs himself, who has communicated with fans through the account previously. One assumes that Jacobs wouldn't post something with so much unequivocal finality if he had any remaining prospects for continuing GMW's run, so it's truly time for any still resistant fans to finally come to terms with the fact that Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, and the rest of the cast of characters won't be returning.

If there's one bright side to things, it's that GMW's season 3 - and now firmly the series - finale "Girl Meets Goodbye" was reportedly written with the idea that it might be the end in mind, and the episode really went all out to try and seem like a fitting conclusion. The entire Boy Meets World cast reunited, Riley's friend group went through an emotional roller coaster involving their possible separation, and the story ended on an uplifting, heartfelt note. A finale that well-done is more than a lot of prematurely canceled series ever get.

Source: Girl Meets Writers

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