'Girl Meets World': Trina McGee & Blake Clark to Reprise 'Boy Meets World' Roles

Girl Meets World - More Boy Meets World season 2 guest stars

Girl Meets World has proven to be a success story for The Disney Channel thus far, with a second season order having already been ordered - even though the series has not yet completed its first 22-episode long run - and on the docket to debut later this year.

Rider Strong reprised as Boy Meets World character Shawn Hunter - the longtime BFF to Girl Meets World protagonist Riley Matthew's (Rowan Blanchard) father Cory (Ben Savage) - in last year's Christmas special for the sequel series, and will continue to play a role in the proceedings of Girls Meets World in the future. Meanwhile, two key characters from Shawn's life on Boy Meets World - his ex-girlfriend Angela Moore and father Chet Hunter - are due to guest star in a Girl Meets World season two episode, titled "Girl Meets Hurricane".

Chet (Blake Clark) passed away during Boy Meets World's sixth season, but then re-appeared as a friendly specter thereafter, while Angela (Trina McGee) moved overseas to spend time with her father, near the end of that show's final season.

Variety is reporting that both actors will appear in the aforementioned season two episode for Girl Meets World - with William Russ (who plays Riley's grandfather/Cory's dad Allen) directing - while McGee is also slated to appear in the subsequent episode, titled "Girl Meets Demolition". How these two will figure into the story of Riley's coming of age on Girl Meets World, as well as what has been going on in Angela's life since the last time we saw her on Boys Meets World - that remains to be revealed.

Trina McGee and Blake Clark to reprise Boys Meets World characters on Girl Meets World

Showrunners Michael Jacobs and April Kelly have thus far allowed Girl Meets World to serve as a continuation of their beloved 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World, while letting it form its own unique identity, as a TV show that speaks to a younger generation of viewers. Jacobs and Kelly aim to continue meeting that quality standard with their new family-friendly sitcom in season two, even as more Boy Meets World alum - like Will Friedle as Cory's brother Eric or William Daniels reprising as Mr. Feeny after his cameo in the show's pilot - make special appearances.

Indeed, Jacobs made it very clear from the beginning that any Boy Meets World cast members who wanted to appear on the sequel series were invited to do so. All the same, he and Kelly have also stuck to their commitment to make Girl Meets World a true continuation of the story about the Matthews and their friends - much like other successful sequel TV series have before them (see: Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Legend of Korra, etc.).

As such, those who grew up enjoying Boy Meets World - and have been enjoying watching Riley experience the ups and downs of life alongside her BFF Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) on Girl Meets World - can now look forward to even more reunions with their old friends, while their kids and/or younger relatives now get a respectable series to call their own. It's a win-win situation, for everyone.


Girl Meets World season one continues with "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice" this Friday on the Disney Channel at 9:30/8:30c.

Source: Variety

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