Girl Meets World Series Finale Trailer: Girl Meets Goodbye

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One of the most popular sitcoms to come out of ABC's TGIF era, Boy Meets World managed to last for 7 successful seasons, premiering in 1993 and signing off in 2000. Like fellow TGIF alumni Full House, BMW has only grown its fanbase in the time since it ended, both through TV reruns and DVD/digital releases. As such, it's not too surprising that BMW revival series Girl Meets World was one of the first projects to kick off the current wave of resurrected and/or rebooted TV shows.

Premiering to widespread critical acclaim back in 2014, Girl Meets World focuses on Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) – teen daughter of BMW super-couple Corey (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) – and her journey through middle (and later high) school alongside friends Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis). GMW wasn't just a critical hit either, as its ratings placed it squarely in the upper tier of Disney Channel shows. Unfortunately, not even ratings success was enough to save GMW from the reaper, as the sitcom was officially canceled earlier this month.

While series creator Michael Jacobs has since revealed that early talks are underway to continue Girl Meets World on another platform, he stressed that those talks were in the very early stages, and nothing was for sure yet. Until if and when those talks lead anywhere official, GMW's upcoming season 3 finale on Disney Channel will now be its series finale. Disney has released the emotional official promo for the episode - appropriately titled Girl Meets Goodbye - and it's not likely to cheer up any fans still stinging from GMW's cancellation.

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As presented in the above promo, Girl Meets Goodbye revolves not around a decision made by Riley or Maya, but instead an important career choice set to be made by mom Topanga. It seems that Topanga has received a lucrative job offer in London, and must now decide whether to move her family overseas. This would obviously irreparably change Riley and Maya's lives, as they've only ever really known a world with the other in it, and long distance friendships aren't the easiest to maintain.

Adding to the conclusive feeling of the finale will be the presence of pretty much every major cast member - and some minor - from Boy Meets World, in the biggest cast reunion GMW has attempted to date. Close friends and relatives like Shawn and Eric will no doubt offer their advice and opinions to the conflicted Corey and Topanga, but it'll perhaps be Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) who ends up having the most influence, as he so often has throughout the lives of his now-grown pupils. In the end though, it'll be Riley and Maya that are most effected. For fans' sake, here's hoping Topanga makes the right choice.

Girl Meets World's series finale 'Girl Meets Goodbye' airs Friday, January 20 on Disney Channel.

Source: Disney Channel

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